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Cameron Slater comes out punching!

Updated: Apr 1

Image: the BFD

It wasn't long ago that I could not stand Cameron Slater's writing style which gave me the impression he was nothing more than a journalistic hit-man for hire. However, things do change, apparently, even the leopard's spots on rare occasions. Is this one of those rare occasions? I began to find his articles more agreeable after 2018 when he suffered a life-altering stroke. Has the guy has seen the light? I'm finding him must more likeable these days. Did I have him wrong from the beginning? Who cares, it is the "Now" that counts. He has been on a bit of a roll lately; no more trashy gossip and more factual stuff, and he even delivers a few good punches now and then:

"As predicted, right on schedule, the Government has moved the whole country into the red light setting, choking off any recovery that might have happened. Make no mistake, this has been planned all along and you’ve all been softened up."

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Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Jan 24, 2022

Bravo Cam!!!

How incredibly novel... a NZ journalist who tells like it is and is not a snivelling shill for Mr Global.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Jan 25, 2022
Replying to



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