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mRNA is Screwing with your Immune System!

Trust the Science!

Please watch this video (It is just a couple of minutes):

And read this article:

Here are a couple of emails from people who have struggled with chronic health issues, including cancer. I've been looking after them for up to ten years, with significant progress to be more or less symptom-free. Then, without warning, things have turned to custards for them, with this coinciding with getting the mRNA jab. Their experience validates the claims of Dr Navarro and many other doctors and scientists that these mRNA vaccines damage people's immune systems, and they are not alone. I have more cases. Here is what they wrote me and I share with their permission:

"The last three weeks or so (shall I blame the jab?), my horrendous fatigue has returned, with brain fog, like having a concussion all over again. Also, my stomach has reverted to being swollen and painful and either constipated or diarrhoea. Same as last year when I ended up in hospital with the pain - they diagnosed diverticulitis, venous congestion, and other stuff. Disappointing because I worked so hard this year with diet etc., and it had been pain-free for about six months."

(Name supplied)

Her HTMA below, taken before vaccination, is consistent with ongoing metabolic disturbances and a weak or dysfunctional immune system. Note the date of the test. Although she was pretty well at the time, after years of hard work to get well, she should have been granted a vaccine exemption on the grounds of existing health issues.

hair test

Another person wrote:

"The supplements I am using, I feel, are working well for me at present; very happy with the program at this point. However, after my first Covid vaccination, some pre-existing health conditions got excessively worse all of a sudden. I suffered from severe headaches accompanied by jaw and nerve pain, pins and needles, tightness in the chest and stomach pain, throbbing thyroid and glands and blood pressure in the 180s. So whilst I have pre-existing issues, they seem to have become accentuated to a whole new level. I couldn't sleep properly or function for some weeks. I had a CT scan to eliminate any underlying causes. That was all clear.