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COVID Officially over in Sweden!

Updated: Mar 18

There has been a lot of smelly misinformation (BS) liberally lathered and spread about by MSM regarding Sweden's pandemic response. For the last two years, I've made good use of my friend, Swedish Emergency Physician Sebastian Rushworth, to counter these lies. Sebastian even wrote a book about the pandemic.

Sebastian wrote this today (4th February 2022):

"The Swedish government has decided to end all covid related restrictions from the 9th of February. Additionally, venues and events will no longer be able to demand proof of vaccination. To top it off, the public health agency is recommending that covid no longer officially be classed as a “threat to public health”. Sweden is the third Nordic country to end covid restrictions, following on the heels of Denmark and Norway."


"Yes, there was a small bump in mortality in 2020 due to covid, but it was pretty damn small. I’m not saying covid isn’t serious for some segments of the population, but all claims that this was a hugely deadly pandemic on par with the Spanish flu are clearly massively overblown. That becomes particularly obvious when we move on and look at 2021. As is clear from the graph above, there was no excess mortality whatsoever in 2021. In fact, 2021 was the second least deadly year in Swedish history!"

Meanwhile, here in New Zealand, we face another two years of this BS which stands to ruin our economy, to harm hundreds of thousands of previously healthy people, while stripping us of our freedoms: let's call it what it is: totalitarian bullshit!

Our Government's solution to the pandemic is best summed up like this:


What we will become if we keep behaving like dumb sheep:

nazi salute

Get involved, let's take New Zealand back:

Take note that the people who are taking back NZ are decent, hard-working men and women: where are the rest of you!

There is a media blackout on these and other actions, so please subscribe to Counterspin Media for updates on these actions, including the convoy. Please get out and support the convoy. Come to Wellington, if you can and we'll see you outside Parliament!

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