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Every Person in the World must read this!

Updated: Mar 20



Important disclaimer directed at the Thought Police and various other snoops during these times when people who hold unacceptable ideas get punished:

The following article is not medical advice, I'm merely sharing what I know with subscribers to my blog. They are sensible people who are able to think for themselves.


We had six more suspected cases of heart damage last week, all coinciding with the mRNA vaccine. While we can't prove the vaccine did the damage, here's the thing:

I first began working in cardiac rehabilitation in 1972 and have been in the business of health ever since. During that time, I have seen many cases of heart disease but never a case of myocarditis or pericarditis until the mass vaccination programme began in NZ midway through last year. While officials deny there is a causal link between this alarming upsurge in cases of these rare conditions and the jab, my question to them is, have they a better explanation?

The information that follows is from the World Council for Health, not to be confused with the WHO:

A practical approach to keeping healthy after your Covid-19 jab

"During a Covid-19 infection, the spike protein causes much of the damage, including harm to lung and heart muscle, inflammation, and clotting. The vaccine instructs our cells to make Covid-19 viral spike protein. In some people, this manufactured spike protein appears to cause similar damage among people previously well and Covid-19 free."

By the way, I see Dr Tracy Chandler of NZ is a board member of WCH. Good on her!

The advice by the WCH supports what I have been saying for the last two years. So here it is in a nutshell:

  • If our doctors were allowed to do their jobs adequately, such as being trained in the use of medicines such as Ivermectin and nutritional therapies and permitted to do so, then not a single person ever needed to die from COVID unless it was already time for them to depart (yes, would you know it: there comes a time when we must all die!).

  • A healthy person, taking the right supplements, taking the correct health practices, and with access to unfettered medical support, if they need it, will have little to nothing to fear from the virus infection itself.

  • These ineffective vaccines are playing with fire on far too many levels. They are messing with the genes of our children and the unborn. When will people realise this?

  • While there are some things you can do to mitigate some of the potential damage, the best way and probably the only way to avoid these dangerous side effects is not to have the jab: this is an obvious recommendation and commonsense to anyone who has half a brain.

Check the Council's Resources Page; there is plenty of good reading there, and it lines up well with what I am saying. Regarding any vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that you might need, we have them here, and by shopping with us, you support this free service: You are keeping us in business, and we sure do appreciate that!

The articles to read to help protect yourself and your family:

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Dr Keryn Johnson
Dr Keryn Johnson
Feb 02, 2022

RESEARCH: Manuka honey contains natural antiviral compounds that fight influenza (and covid) –

The potential antiviral effect of major royal jelly protein2 and its isoform X1 against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2): Insight on their sialidase activity and molecular docking - PubMed (

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Protective effects of honeybee products against COVID-19: a review


There is a growing body of evidence as to the benefits of bee products (apitherapy) in treating COVID-19, as well as spike protein issues in the vaccinated. The products I make from Manuka honey help turn all biological materials back into CO2 and water. Apoptosis and the hydroxyl radical…


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Feb 02, 2022

And just in case you didn't read it hypnotized zombie thought Police > here it is again with spikes on >>

During a Covid-19 infection, the spike protein causes much of the damage, including harm to lung and heart muscle, inflammation, and clotting.

The vaccine instructs our cells to make this Covid-19 viral spike protein. directly from the "vaccine" and causes the same damage among people as the infection. The more boosters you get the quicker you fall zombie thought Police, and some of us now just see you as Darwinian dropouts.


Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Feb 02, 2022

Bravo Gary!... great to see this wonderful resource getting some serious promotion. Notice the review team includes both McCullough and Kory and other heroes of the covid war.


Feb 02, 2022

Hurray for the WCH!...simple, straightforward, easy to understand explanation... Powers that be can't dodge that one without looking insincere 😉

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