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The Revolution has begun!

Coming to New Zealand soon (I understand, despite the media blackout, there are convoys heading to WellingtonTuesday morning: be there!):

canadian truckers


"Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and his family have fled Ottawa after the massive trucker convoy began arriving in the capital on Friday night.

According to Israeli sources, the Trudeau family have been moved to a safe place in the US.

Tens of thousands of truckers are parked in front of Canadian Parliament, saying they will not leave unless Trudeau resigns or drops all mandates. No negotiation. They are prepared to stay there for weeks or months."

Read the rest here:

Look at the video here:

Facebook has spent all week banning groups related to the peaceful Canadian Trucker Convoy as well as any groups working to organize the American Convoy. It's interesting that Facebook would ban these groups and yet did nothing to ban the Black Lives Matter groups that organized to burn down our cities a few years ago. In light of these bannings, the truckers have set up groups on Gab to communicate with the world during their protest. You can click here to find the American Freedom Convoy group on Gab. You can follow the official Trucker Convoy account here. Finally, you can join the Canadian Trucker Convoy group here which has coverage from people on the ground.

People are quickly learning that Gab is the only place they can find information about this peaceful protest and real-time updates from those who are attending it.


Please read this brilliant article by Dr Sircus:

"Fauci and Gates are running neck and neck for the most disgusting examples of what humans can become, and the CEO of Pfizer seems to take the cake for the number one medical monster of history. This list goes on and down into the rank and file of medical doctors who have thrown their brains away so they can ignore all the suffering and dying that COVID vaccines are bringing to the public."

The rest is here:

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