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A Report of mRNA Vaccine-Related Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Before you go too far into this article please go to the BFD, read this one, then come back to us, thank you. You will understand its relevance later.

I'd like to thank Jillian, a spritely and health-conscious 82-year-old, for her bravery. Jillian told me that, if sharing her story, helps just one other person to avoid what she is now having to deal with, then it will have been worth it. Good on her! This has all come to happen at a time in her life when she should be sitting back and enjoying the fruits of her labours.


Jillian during Good Times


Jillian, who lives in a retirement village wrote:

"I've always been keen on the outdoors, whether in sports (skiing, swimming, hockey, mountaineering (MtAspiring), scuba diving, kayaking) or living on a remote Taranaki farm near the Whanganui River.

I experienced ME/CFS in 1997. It was eighteen months worth of extreme fatigue, then got over it, close to 100% actually, with helpful, productive assistance from a pharmacist/naturopath in Christchurch.

I had the first vaccine in October 2021 to stave off serious long COVID-19 if I caught it. Unfortunately, and distressingly, the ME/CFS symptoms hit me again shortly after the vaccine. I have since suffered three more debilitating CFS flare-ups.

Gary Moller is assisting my recovery, and I'm doing well. We're focussing on adrenal and immune support. I'm learning to stick to a very careful fresh veggie and protein diet, no alcohol, and increasing activity very carefully.

The last flare-up 12 days ago has seen me only able to walk just 100 metres, down from 4kms and increasing digestion problems, pain, fatigue, muscle heaviness, trembling and weakness. The fatigue is like my emergency tank is empty.

I am building on the management skills I learned in 1997.

The PM can suggest all she likes that it's 'alleged,' but I know that it isn't. My GP agrees with me and agreed that I have no more CV19 vaccinations. I won't be. "


Jillian also wrote this summary for me:

"I'm learning that the way back from my post-vaccine flare-ups (3) is

  • sticking to the right food & supplements for me (with help from Gary and my GP)

  • small meals at regular intervals

  • never pushing myself,

  • some gentle daily stretches, yoga if possible, then walking small distances again at first

  • regular hours

  • resting during the day

I've walked 4.5 km altogether today. This time a week ago, I could hardly manage 100 metres."


Jillian, through her GP, applied to the Director-General of Health *(DGH) for an exemption so she would no longer be required to take further mRNA jabs. Here is Dr Bloomfield's reply which was basically: "Get lost, your application has been declined, we are not going to tell you the process or why we came to this conclusion, now get back to work and leave us alone".

Here is Dr Bloomfield's reply: