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A Report of mRNA Vaccine-Related Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Updated: Mar 20

Before you go too far into this article please go to the BFD, read this one, then come back to us, thank you. You will understand its relevance later.

I'd like to thank Jillian, a spritely and health-conscious 82-year-old, for her bravery. Jillian told me that, if sharing her story, helps just one other person to avoid what she is now having to deal with, then it will have been worth it. Good on her! This has all come to happen at a time in her life when she should be sitting back and enjoying the fruits of her labours.


Jillian during Good Times


Jillian, who lives in a retirement village wrote:

"I've always been keen on the outdoors, whether in sports (skiing, swimming, hockey, mountaineering (MtAspiring), scuba diving, kayaking) or living on a remote Taranaki farm near the Whanganui River.

I experienced ME/CFS in 1997. It was eighteen months worth of extreme fatigue, then got over it, close to 100% actually, with helpful, productive assistance from a pharmacist/naturopath in Christchurch.

I had the first vaccine in October 2021 to stave off serious long COVID-19 if I caught it. Unfortunately, and distressingly, the ME/CFS symptoms hit me again shortly after the vaccine. I have since suffered three more debilitating CFS flare-ups.

Gary Moller is assisting my recovery, and I'm doing well. We're focussing on adrenal and immune support. I'm learning to stick to a very careful fresh veggie and protein diet, no alcohol, and increasing activity very carefully.

The last flare-up 12 days ago has seen me only able to walk just 100 metres, down from 4kms and increasing digestion problems, pain, fatigue, muscle heaviness, trembling and weakness. The fatigue is like my emergency tank is empty.

I am building on the management skills I learned in 1997.

The PM can suggest all she likes that it's 'alleged,' but I know that it isn't. My GP agrees with me and agreed that I have no more CV19 vaccinations. I won't be. "


Jillian also wrote this summary for me:

"I'm learning that the way back from my post-vaccine flare-ups (3) is

  • sticking to the right food & supplements for me (with help from Gary and my GP)

  • small meals at regular intervals

  • never pushing myself,

  • some gentle daily stretches, yoga if possible, then walking small distances again at first

  • regular hours

  • resting during the day

I've walked 4.5 km altogether today. This time a week ago, I could hardly manage 100 metres."


Jillian, through her GP, applied to the Director-General of Health *(DGH) for an exemption so she would no longer be required to take further mRNA jabs. Here is Dr Bloomfield's reply which was basically: "Get lost, your application has been declined, we are not going to tell you the process or why we came to this conclusion, now get back to work and leave us alone".

Here is Dr Bloomfield's reply:


That the DGH is telling this 82 years-old retiree to go back to work, indicates just how inadequate their assessment of Jillian's case was.

Jillian politely replied to the Good and Thorough Dr Bloomfield:

"Dear Dr Bloomfield & Panel

Re: your letter 21 December 2021

I was disappointed and dismayed by your refusal to grant me a Vaccination Exemption. I want you & your panel to review the following facts about myself and my history with ME/CFS. I developed ME/CFS in 1996. I refused the antidepressants that were all that 2 GPs prescribed. I'm a trained counsellor, knew I wasn't clinically depressed & didn't want to add the side effects of ADs to already debilitating symptoms. I ended up in bed for three months, with the usual fatigue, muscle pain & weakness, headaches, digestive problems, & foggy thinking. A connection with XXXX, now deceased but then in Christchurch, led to a diagnosis of ME/CFS & considered help. He believed his patients would recover in 1 month for every year they'd had ME/CFS. It took me three months - I was then able to walk long distances & scuba dive again. That was August 1997. I've not had a repeat of those ME/CFS symptoms until after my 1st Pfizer dose, July 7 2021 - 23 years after the end of that 1997 episode. So this recurrence can hardly be a coincidence; 23 years later. I was anxious about having a CV19 vaccination. However, I was persuaded by the Government's advice that it was safe & effective and would lessen symptoms of ME/CFS if I developed long Covid. I consulted my GP, XXXX, on this decision. The ensuing weeks since October 7 2021, have been challenging and debilitating. I was appalled that I'd developed fresh ME/CFS symptoms due to having the Pfizer vaccination. It achieved the opposite of what I'd been led to believe. Research is showing that a 2nd vaccination may lead to added complications when the 1st is accompanied by many adverse complications, as in my case. You've recommended I have a 2nd vaccination (plus 3rd & 4th?). I have doubts about the wisdom of this. I refer you to the plea by Professor Warren Tate that people with CFS be exempt from the mRNA vaccine: Ironically, history is now repeating itself. The medical profession refused to help me in 1997, and is now refusing to grant me a Vaccination Exemption, and suggesting one treatment only; a drug/vaccine that has already caused me harm. Once again I’m needing to have alternative (non-allopathic) treatment, 23 years later. Importantly, will you please share the risk assessment you and your panel conducted when assessing my case? I.e., how did you conclude that I can safely take one of these vaccines? I'm 82yo, otherwise, fit & healthy, and significantly not on any medication for any condition - no BP, obesity, heart problems, diabetes. However, I'm living in a retirement village and have been bullied, harassed & sneered at for only having had one vaccination - by a pro- vaxxer. Others are treating me warily because I might infect them. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that they could infect me, as their vaccinations aren’t 100% effective. I'm now excluded from the XXX Class as I don't have/can't have a VaccPassport. Your refusal to grant me a Vaccination Exemption has left me in an invidious & unacceptable position in the village because I followed your advice in the first place. You mentioned seeing a specialist. Would you please advise who is available in the XXXX area? I will also discuss this with my GP. However, I don't understand the need in my case. What is there to gain?

I’m too exhausted at present to cope normally and cannot comprehend the sense of having another vaccination while I’m unwell. It opposes all medical advice about not being vaccinated if you’re unwell. It’s simply not advisable. I do wonder if you & your panel actually understood the depth of the fatigue & unwellness that followed my 1st vaccination when you read my application? It seems to me that you couldn’t have. I do not have enough energy or money to be trying to consult specialists needlessly. My only way forward has two options as I see it: • I join the ranks of the non VaccPassport holders. My life at the Village will become even more untenable, especially when Omicron takes hold. • You grant me a Vaccination Exemption. This will endorse my current vaccination status and enable villagers to accept my position. Please address this matter urgently. I’d like to get on with making the most of the years that remain. Sincerely, Jillian".


Well, that was December last year. Jillian is still waiting, some aspects of her life are in limbo. I estimate there are countless thousands of well-intention Kiwis who, for many valid reasons should not risk these dodgy drugs that, let's face it, do not work.

Here is Jillian's hair tissue Mineral Analysis:

Now, look at the HTMA for people with CFS and note the similarities in the patterns:

Jillian's symptoms are consistent with CFS and with what is presented with her HTMA. She and her medical advisors, including Dr Bloomfield must adhere to the oath they swore to "First, do no harm", and this is best done by heeding Professor Warren Tate's plea to exempt sufferers of CFS from these vaccines.

In finishing, here is a word of caution to all, including the unborn:

Taking the mRNA is playing Russian Roulette with your health. For most, it is one bullet at a time for the game, but for others, there might be two or three bullets in the chamber before the trigger is pulled once, let alone two, three or more times!

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Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Feb 01, 2022

Hi to all...

Here is a link to a marvellous resource which is part of the World Council for Health [ WCH]... WCH is absolutely not to be confused with the dreadful WHO organisation...I feel the choice of name was far too close to WHO any many people simply dismiss the WCH without looking into what they have to offer.

...and this particular resource...

Post Covid-19 Injection Syndrome or pCoIS (also called Post Covid-19 Vaccine Syndrome or pCoVS) is a new complex multi-system inflammatory syndrome. A syndrome is a collection of symptoms that may differ from person to person. Emerging data show that pCoIS is similar to Long Covid or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and manifests as a combination…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Feb 02, 2022
Replying to

What a fabulous resource!


Philip Hayward
Feb 01, 2022

Jillian says

"...history is now repeating itself. The medical profession refused to help me in 1997, and is now refusing to grant me a Vaccination Exemption, and suggesting one treatment only; a drug/vaccine that has already caused me harm..."

That is one of the things that has made me skeptical all along. The sheer arrogance of mainstream medicine, consigning millions of people to suffering because they won't get the right research funded, easier to just write people off and say it's in their heads.

My logical mind suggested that if we had worked out what CFS was, we'd already know how to treat "long Covid". My logical mind also suggested that medical "experts" claiming the vaccines were "risk free" were…


Feb 01, 2022

I wonder whether a chronic calorie deficit could be considered a cause of these mineral patterns.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Feb 01, 2022
Replying to

Yes, it can and a nutrient-poor usually is a factor probably 90% of us due to the degradation of food. However, the key here is the patterns, not so much what is high and low on their own, the key is how the minerals interact with each other. Her patterns are consistent with CFs in most people tested who have similar health problems.

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