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Why is there no Rational Debate about Covid Vaccine Safety

Updated: Apr 1

Guy and I have touched on this question, and I've been waiting for him to write this article, and here it is! So please read this carefully: it is one of his most important pieces of work, and share it with everyone. Thanks.

Guy helps us get our heads around how a few evil people can manipulate five million intelligent citizens to do such outrageous things as to hand their children over in a kind of ritual sacrifice, in a vain attempt to appease the angry Gods.


Sometimes we imagine we are involved in a rational argument about Covid vaccine safety and publish the evidence trusting that truth will come out, but mostly we puzzle about why there is no rational engagement in response.

Some people are writing about mass formation and looking to historical precedents in, dare I say it, 1930s Germany.

Mainstream media would have us believe that NZ has become a nation of 90% converts.

Perhaps it should be inscribed on our immigration landing forms: “Welcome to NZ, facts don’t matter, we have mandates”.

Despite this, it remains true that mass Covid vaccination is the result of innumerable individual decisions albeit taken under the sway of traditional vaccine safety and efficacy, fear of the unknown, tentative and often unreliable early research findings, and, in countries like ours, deliberate disinformation and in some cases compulsion.

So is Mass Formation or Collective Delusion an Explanation?

How were so many persuaded to take an experimental drug using novel technology?

Why was and is our government so keen to tell it’s free of adverse effects?

Read the rest of the article here:

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