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One person died, but what about all the others?

Updated: Mar 27

Grant Dixon video

A friend wrote to me

"What about ALL the rest? TV is making out that this poor young guy is the only one. Somebody/group needs to tell ALL New Zealanders what is happening. Does ACC keep records, does anybody? I know doctors don't want to be associated with mentioning these deaths or bad reactions. But, after all that's gone on, people I know still believe that there are only a couple of people who have been damaged, and any other reference is false news!"

Yes, what about all the rest? Here are some of them:

My friend is referring to the death of Rory Nairn and the subsequent coroner's inquest, which found he was indeed a Pfizer vaccine injury. But unfortunately, mainstream media is using the coroner's findings to give people the impression that vaccine injuries are extremely rare. They are telling people that heart damage from the mRNA spike vaccine, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, is "mild" and full recovery is the usual outcome. This claim is false: nobody can say that heart damage is ever "mild", and where is the evidence of recovery? The most severe consequences may not be seen for years and possibly decades. Living a long and healthy life depends on a strong and healthy heart, so if not treated properly, we can expect many of these cases may result in chronic health problems and premature death.

New Zealand is already amid record all-causes deaths, perhaps the worst in the developed world, many of unknown causation.

Nine billion of value was wiped off pharmaceutical tests yesterday. There are multiple lawsuits across 34 American states against hospitals for killing patients.

How did we get into this mess, what drives it, and why is it not over? But it may only get worse unless we stand up united and tell them, "No more!"

This is a great Spanish doco on the subject if you haven't seen it. There are a lot of subtitles, but it is easy to watch:

Read this article and watch Grant Dixon's video here:

"Unascertained natural causes of death"

There is widespread denial by the people who have caused this carnage that we are suffering a health catastrophe caused by injecting an experimental drug into 90% of the population. We must now deal with the consequences as best we can. But, until acceptance replaces denial, how can we expect an accurate diagnosis for these jab-related health issues? After all, an accurate diagnosis naturally leads to effective treatment, assuming effective ones are available. Now, proposed amendments to the Coroner's Act threaten to hide the true extent of the carnage being wreaked upon us by mad scientists and their masters. Will they stop at nothing to conceal their crimes while further compromising the health and safety of New Zealanders?

A friend wrote:

Has anyone seen this? The proposed changes to the Coroner's Act? It's worth submitting on; we have a few days left. The proposed change of concern is the 'unascertained natural causes of death. They don't need reporting on, and if they have an inquiry, details are all suppressed (seems... dodgy af, is the government now trying to cover their tracks). Here's a link to the submission page: Coroners Amendment Bill - New Zealand Parliament The closing date for submissions is 11.59 pm on Wednesday, 28 September 2022. The Chairperson of the Justice Committee has called for public submissions on the Coroners Amendment Bill. The most concerning is: 'making it clear that coroners could record a cause of death as "unascertained natural causes" if they considered that the death was from natural causes and no further investigation was required under the Act.' Coroners Amendment Bill - New Zealand Parliament

Please submit today, emphasising the importance of a thorough investigation of all deaths where there is a question over the cause. "Unascertained natural causes" is far too vague and broad ever to be acceptable and could be used to conceal deaths such as ones due to medical error, medication side effects and toxins.

A request:

A rumour is circulating that health officials, via ACC or directly, have bought the silence of some families suffering vaccine harm. Payouts of around $120,000 have been mentioned, but a gagging clause or non-disclosure agreement comes with it. Do you know anyone who has received a payout like this with a non-disclosure agreement? If so, would they mind contacting me for nothing more than a confidential chat - nothing more than that? I do not need to know even their name. Is there any substance to these rumours? That is the question to be answered.


More reading:

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Sep 23, 2022

Phil, about allowing these people to increasingly take control of our lives, I have this test I do in my head when it comes to politicians and their advisor experts: "Would I leave this person in charge of my business while we go on holiday for a year?"

The thinking about the answer is usually an uncomfortable exercise!


Philip Hayward
Sep 23, 2022

Actually creating a new category for "unascertained natural causes" of death, itself would provide prima facie evidence that something is up, along with the excuse "overwhelmed coroners". The establishment can't say people haven't died, so the only way to conceal trends that are inconvenient to them, would be to blatantly falsify official data for overall mortality.

The other cause of elevated overall mortality besides adverse reactions to the vexx, is Covid mitigation strategy itself, early treatments postponed for a wide range of deadly illnesses, immune deficit, stress, mental illness etc.

I always said that when politicians claim to be "saving humanity" in some way, their actions are akin to those of 20th Century communists who created "unintended consequences" that were…

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