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COVID Deaths and Long COVID: What I think is going on

Here is Sarah with her daughter, Madison and husband, Blair, in February this year, at the Freedom village that morphed on the grounds of Parliament (Her story is published with her permission).

Sarah Mason and her family

Sarah was in a wheelchair for almost a year due to harm following the mRNA jab. Her symptoms included a racing, pounding heart, breathlessness, low blood pressure and feeling extremely weak. Just standing for a few seconds was an exhausting effort, hence the need for the wheelchair. In addition, she has had a persistent cough that may indicate poor blood flow through her lungs. Sarah is improving and has come a long way in recent months.

Yes, Sarah is gradually improving but there is still a lot of ground to be recovered. Although she can now do without the wheelchair, she still tires quickly doing the most basic activities and takes several days to recover. She is consequently unable to work and sold her business.

She suffers from "Long COVID" due to the jab, not the infection.

Sarah wrote this last week:

Hi Gary I found this article, I’m wondering if I have a fibrous clot somewhere that’s causing my heart to race (and everyone else injured by the vax). It doesn’t sound like there’s any way of reversing them and I’m not sure if they would even show up in an MRI. Do you think it would be worth getting my blood looked at under a microscope? Here is the article: Thanks, Sarah

If she has blood clots, they might show on an MRI but probably not since so much time has been lost. However, her cardiologist has refused this test because the latest specialist opinion is she does not have cardiovascular harm from the vaccine but suffers anxiety-related breathing problems, which I think is a ridiculous diagnosis. If clotting and scarring issues are at the microscopic level in tissues such as the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs and affect the capillaries, these will probably go undetected. I'll explain more about this shortly.

Sarah is not alone: I have lost count of once healthy men and women, including teenagers, who have sought my assistance for health issues that have coincided with the jab or infection.


During a recent conversation, Sarah mentioned she had developed a liking for pineapple. So naturally, it piqued my interest, especially since her liking of this bitter-sweet tropical fruit has roughly coincided with the beginnings of her improvement in energy. I'll explain later why this is an interesting coincidence.


And, despite the pandemic ending, the harm continues unabated and may even be picking up. I wonder why? I may have an explanation.

Record deaths new zealand

Please take 20 minutes to watch this video by Grant Dixon, which presents damning evidence the mRNA vaccine campaign is killing Kiwis:

Towards the end, you may sense that Grant is frustrated about what is happening in New Zealand.

Tragic as they are, untimely deaths are the least of the problem. The bigger problem is the estimated thousands of injured, many permanently, for every excess death. Please read this article:

It is not yet lunchtime this Thursday, and today is a bad day for our health services. The sirens of the ambulances have been constant since early morning. In addition, two helicopters have landed at Wellington Hospital, presumably delivering critically ill patients (our home overlooks the city, including Wellington Hospital).

Please watch the video that follows:

Young people who have almost nothing to fear from the infection are being killed and maimed by what is supposed to protect them: the jab.

Below is an image of a professional athlete and Olympian's heart rate variability (HRV) (published with permission).

Heart rate variability

This young man has been unable to train since early this year due to extreme fatigue. His symptoms include elevated blood pressure and declining measures of cardiac function, such as HRV. He has no plausible medical explanation for what is wrong with him. Without a proper diagnosis, effective treatment is either non-existent or compromised.

For some unknown reason, his HRV has declined from above 80ms at the beginning of the year to around 40ms today. This decline in HRV is dramatic and catastrophic for his sporting career. Unfortunately, he is far from alone these days. Why are we seeing so many cases like this one when they were rare just a few years ago?

Some experts may not want to acknowledge the elephant in the room, or they blame COVID and the consequence of it; Long COVID. However, while COVID infection (Omricon) may be one of the causes of this surge of unusual medical conditions, it can not be the complete answer because, in cases such as Sarah, her health problems predated COVID being endemic in New Zealand.

What follows is informed speculation drawing on my involvement in cardiac rehabilitation going back to 1972 and dealing with many unusual cases in the last year.

Is it the mRNA jab, the infection, or both?

Cases such as Sarah predate Omricon in NZ, and her symptoms were very close to her getting the mRNA jab for the first time.

Did they aspirate?

She reports there was no needle aspiration before injecting, so it is possible the material was injected directly into a blood vessel and not all into the deltoid muscle. Failing to aspirate may have caused a rapid and catastrophic vaccine infusion into her circulation, perhaps concentrating in tissue such as the heart muscle and damaging the blood itself. The consequence of this may include blood clotting and scarring to the heart and other tissues, including her lungs. This damage may be so microscopic and diffuse that it may not show on standard imaging or blood tests.

Did she have an allergic reaction?

The vaccine has many ingredients, such as PEG, known to cause allergic reactions in some people. So, of course, an allergic reaction is possible. Still, the mRNA is the more obvious culprit (bear in mind that there is seldom one factor that causes a health catastrophe like this, but several coinciding to create the "perfect storm").

Is it Spike Protein?

Some experts have compared the spike protein with snake venom, which may cause blood clotting, inflammation and tissue death. I think it is a good comparison, and it fits with many of the signs and symptoms showing of people showing up in emergency clinics worldwide. We know that mRNA and spike protein concentrate in the most biologically active tissues, including the blood vessels, blood, heart, testes and ovaries.

Is it the mRNA jab?

The mRNA vaccine hijacks a person's DNA, instructing it to produce spike protein known to act like snake venom. Some experts estimate these instructions have the body producing spike protein for as long as eight months. Then, if the person has a booster a few months after the first, there is the layering of mRNA instructing DNA to manufacture more spike protein. Then, a third or fourth booster within eight months of the previous injection layers more instructions on top of the previous ones to make more spike protein.

Boosters are causing vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS): damage to peoples' innate immune systems.

I'm not an expert in cardiology, immunology or fertility, but I have common sense and many years of experience. It does not make sense to have a venom-like spike protein circulating and concentrating in tissue such as the heart and reproductive organs and for this to be going on for months, if not years.

Is it the infection?

A respiratory viral infection typically lasts about ten days. After that, the active infection is over, and there is robust and durable natural immunity to the virus and resistance to any future variants. So, we can assume there is a spike in spike protein for around ten days, then it presumably wanes and disappears quickly once the immune system has figured out the virus and neutralised it.

What would you rather do: Have ten days of spike protein, or have month after month of spike protein? I had ten days' worth earlier this year, by the way:

Is it both?