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Vax Jab: When do we call time out?

(updated 29 March 2022)

Yes, there are people who are now wheelchair-bound post-vax.

"I'm experiencing chest pains, irregular heartbeats, pressure in my chest that sometimes goes into my right arm. I also experience pain and tingling in my right leg (it feels like something is blocking the circulation in this leg). This all happened after vaccination. I have no history of heart or blood circulation problems. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I want your support to identify what is happening ( what may be causing this) in my body and possibly find a solution to support my body's regeneration. As mentioned before, all these health issues started within hours of my Covid vaccination. "

I have lost count of the number of people who have contacted me about health problems that coincide with the jab.

Here is a discussion group for medical doctors that is worth scrolling through, and you'll realise that it is not just civilians who are raising serious concerns, including suffering harm themselves:

Please read this:

And this:

Recently there seem to be many sudden deaths of people, and not just celebrities and athletes, whom I would not normally expect to die—my condolences to those who loved them. However, let's not beat about in the bush; the mRNA jab is responsible for this death surge, and governments around the world are downplaying the significance and censoring those who speak out.

Of equal or more significant concern are the injuries, which now number in the tens of thousands in New Zealand. Many of these injuries are severe, and many are permanent. Most are being ignored, they receive poor treatment and most are declined assistance by Accident Compensation: It's as if they cease to exist.

Please read this to understand that death is merely the tip of the pyramid, if you'll excuse the pun:

The weight of the evidence is clear and it is time to act:

We must call an immediate time out on these vaccines.

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