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Three-point plan to Conquer COVID in as little as 30 days

Updated: Mar 27

I thought I'd share with you that the Outdoors Party adopted my COVID Escape Plan as their strategy during the previous election campaign. It was a huge honour and an encouraging endorsement that I was on the right track. However, two years have passed, and there is very little I would change about it. Almost everything I wrote back then, at the beginning of this pandemic, still stands.


I'm writing about this now because it is something I forgot about until I found this article by Scoop Media. Please take a few minutes to read the article:

Three-point plan to Conquer COVID in as little as 30 days Thursday, 15 October 2020, 6:51 am Press Release: Outdoors New Zealand

"During this election campaign the Outdoors Party have become increasingly concerned about the level of censorship being exercised, particularly around the debate on COVID-19; and the flip flops from the World Health Organisation that now states that lockdowns are not the best way of handling the pandemic, when a recent study from Scotland suggests they may actually prolong the epidemic.

To address this problem, and to have a productive and open appraisal of all the evidence from around the world, the ODP propose....."


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