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Why are so many fit and healthy people underperforming and dying suddenly?

(Updated 1 Sept 2022)

Tired people

We have daily inquiries from previously fit and healthy young people like the one that follows:

"I have been feeling unwell for almost a year. It seems the Pfizer vaccines may be the cause; I have fatigue, malaise, short breathe, my legs feel like cotton".

Thousands of professional athletes worldwide are uncharacteristically underperforming, and many have dropped dead without warning. I'll give you my educated, although speculative, take on what is the cause: The mRNA vaccine, of course!

mRNA: the Great Unfortunate Experiment

The mRNA vaccine increases the risk of catching COVID: Despite what your Government tells you, it does not reduce risk, and symptoms are typically much worse. I challenge anyone to show me one person who died in New Zealand this year who has not had a COVID jab. Of course, there may be one or two exceptions, but these will most likely be elderly and with multiple health issues. The people filling up our hospitals and dying are generally under 60 years old and vaccinated.

I challenge anyone to find me one person who died in New Zealand this year who has not had a COVID jab.

The mRNA vaccine instructs the cells to make spikes for up to eight months. A booster before eight months layers more instructions to make more spikes on top of the previous instructions - You do not need to be a medical expert to know this is not a good thing. Catching COVID causes around a ten-day spike in the production of spikes. A spike in spike protein on top of already months of the chronic presence of circulating spikes is a recipe for disaster. Again, you need not be an expert to understand this stupidity, and it is all without any safety studies. Vaccinated people are being maimed and dying when they then catch COVID. Spike protein concentrates in and damages heart muscle and other cells, especially the most metabolically active tissues. In addition to the heart, the organs most affected are the ovaries, testes, liver and kidneys. In some cases, the central nervous system is affected. The damage may include micro-scarring of organs and damage to and reduction of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouses within your cells and are inherited from your mother. The more mitochondria you have, the better, and they must function with great efficiency: They are centrally important for every measure of health, fitness and longevity. Spike protein is known to cause blood clots, both micro and macro. These, especially the micro clots, will be undetected unless specially tested for. Seldom is this done, and usually too late to be detected. Blood clots may reduce blood flow through the body, including the muscles, heart, and lungs. Subtle symptoms may include a weak pulse and sometimes a thumping pulse, chest and shoulder pain, breathlessness, numbness, loss of balance, cold extremities, unusual blood pressure readings, fatigue, and physical and mental and underperformance. Not being able to get one's heart rate up to its previous maximum or unusually high or low resting or exercising pulse are hints that things may not be right.

Anxiety and panic are understandable symptoms but do not cause these neurological, heart, breathing and circulation problems. Most of the doctors remaining in practice are brainwashed or afraid to implicate mRNA vaccines as the culprit. Many people are being rushed to the hospital only to be sent home being told they are suffering from anxiety. In most cases, this is wrong.

Without an accurate diagnosis, all treatment and care that follows is compromised and probably useless.

Investigation of mRNA harm and its Remediation

I'm not going to publicly give out remedies because each person is unique, and we may be dealing with life-shortening conditions that must be managed with care. It is irresponsible to dish out advice without knowing a person's health history, supplements and medication and then completing some testing if required. However, I will share some ideas and general principles. People can contact me directly and in confidence if they require assistance.

Testing, Testing!

The first thing I may do is have the person with suspected cardiovascular harm record blood pressure and pulse readings over several days, then we take it from there:

We may complete one or both of these tests (contact me first before ordering):

Inflammation and Scar Tissue

Here's the problem with scar tissue which may be laid down following heart, lung, blood vessel and other organ damage: scar tends to shrink over the following 1-3 years, possibly binding down tissue, gradually impeding function further. It may be described as arterial or cardiac stiffness, and due to the nature of scar tissue, it may worsen over the years well after the inflammatory event. We may therefore give the person nutraceuticals that soften scar tissue and others that help remove the old scars, thus promoting healthy tissue regeneration. Various products support mitochondrial regeneration and mitochondrial function.

DNA damage: the greatest concern of all!

Let's not sugar-coat this one. Fears expressed early on by independent experts are becoming reality: It was feared that the spike protein and mRNA are damaging DNA, weakening immune systems, and this may be intergenerational, causing serious diseases like cancer, neurological diseases, infertility and miscarriages. With weakened immune systems, the seasonal flu may be deadlier than ever. This now appears to be happening: We may be on the cusp of a tsunami of diseases that may inundate humanity.

While some nutraceuticals assist with preventing and repairing DNA damage, we have no cures for damage done. However, it is encouraging that DNA appears to have some limited capacity for self-repair.

Still, bearing in mind the remarkable capacity for some DNA self-repair, the best remedy is to prevent the damage in the first place, which means avoidance of mRNA drugs. In the end, though, and farmers understand this remedy, the best course of action, since so much damage has already been done, is to select the best breeding stock and breed out the genetic damage over several generations.

So, the only good take from this is: If you are of childbearing age, male or female, and unjabbed, you will be like gold to society in the years to come, as will your children!


All of this and so much more harm has been done to protect us from a lab-generated bioweapon with a 99.7% survival rate, and it would be even better if only doctors were allowed to practice their art and trade without interference!

Final Recommendations

Let's keep these simple and undeniably obvious:

  1. Do not have any mRNA jabs.

  2. If you have had the jab, then that last one was the last - no more jabs!

  3. Your children have as good as a zero risk of dying from COVID, they are yet to have their children, so do not jab them.

  4. Take measures to support your health, including your immune system, and do the same for your children - do not overlook their health needs.

  5. If you have had the jab and/or COVID and have any unusual or lingering symptoms, do more than attempt to ride them out - contact me and ensure you get the upper hand and make a full and final recovery.


A reader said this about the video that follows:

"He is being so careful what he says in this video, and he looks uncomfortable I think he wants to scream BS!

But then, at the end of the video, you find out that he is now under a severe warning for his content regarding the virus and the Jab!

The best info on the craziness I have seen anywhere definitely was not antivax, but now he has no lives left, and the world may lose him soon!

If so, I hope he sets up a web page, the truth has to be freed!

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