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The mRNA-related heart problems just keep on coming!

Updated: Mar 27

Here are quotes from a couple of letters (reproduced with permission):

"On XXX October 2021, against my better judgement, I got my first Covid vaccination. People who did not were being judged to be dangerous criminals.

That evening I had one very, very strong flash of pain across my chest. Then it was gone, and no side effects. Over the next few days, I was hit by periods of fatigue. They were so intense it was like walking into a brick wall. This continued for the next few months - a relatively small chest pain but intense fatigue. The fatigue lasted 1-2 hours and then went away, leaving me feeling washed out. I had a few months with no problems, but it has now come back. I have had two episodes in the past few days. One minor chest flash but two bouts of fatigue, It just hits me out of the blue and lasts for 1-2 hours. Yesterday I was left with minor breathing problems and pain in my head. I have become a recluse but have been trying to get some sort of life back. I have started walking and doing some exercises. Could this be the problem? I see the problems I have are among those listed for long Covid, but I have never had it.

Have you had any other people with similar problems? Is there anything I can do or take to fix this? I lead a reasonable lifestyle. I fast and eat a high-fat diet.



"PS At the start of the problem, I saw my GP. He did not want to know and said nothing was wrong with me."


"I have been feeling unwell for almost a year. It seems to me the Pfizer vaccines may be the cause. I have fatigue, malaise, short breathe, and my legs feel like cotton… every time I have a cold or a vaccine (if my body responds to something), I get well for a week or so, and then my symptoms come back. I have done many blood tests, and my liver functions are a bit high. Everything else is fine."

Covid Vaccines

Last week we had four more people contact us seeking assistance with what appears to be heart-related health problems associated with the mRNA jab. Since the vaccine rollout late last year, there have been so many I've lost track of the total number of cases. All of these are "coincidences" and not caused by the mRNA jab. Instead, the causes of these people's distress include:

  • Anxiety

  • Muscle strain

  • Rib injury

  • Costochondritis

  • Indigestion

  • Hypercapnea!!

No way is it to be officially recorded as a vaccine injury, although it has been known for the nurse or doctor to whisper in the patient's ear that it might be! Instead, they receive a different diagnosis that sometimes borders on the ridiculous, thus ensuring, on paper, that the mRNA jab is very safe indeed! Most vaccine injuries are, therefore, not properly diagnosed, and the patient receives poor, inappropriate, or no treatment.

The mRNA jab is the Mother of all Coincidences.

If, as the authorities claim, these drugs are safe and effective, I challenge them to find at least one case of a person who died in New Zealand this year from COVID who had not had a single mRNA jab. Sure, you might find one or two, but I bet these people will be elderly and/or with multiple comorbidities if you can find anyone. By contrast, those dying who have had the jab are disproportionately under the age of 60, many fit and healthy. Prove me wrong.

With what we now know about these drugs, you'd have to be nuts to have any more of them!

As I write this, I hear ambulance sirens from the city below. The air ambulance helicopter continues to be unusually busy, delivering patients to Wellington Hospital in the valley below our home.

I rest my case.

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Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Aug 22, 2022

Gary... please take this comment down if it risks getting your site into danger of even more censorship... I entirely understand if you view it as too risque'. Today I had finally had enough as I heard more saturation ads on the radio adverting for Kiwis to rock up for the booster jabs as "our best defence against severe illness and death from Covid'. Knowing this to be complete and utter bollacks, I posted on Farsebook exactly what I thought about the outrageous lies we as taxpayers pay for to help facilitate even more tragic carnage.

This was the text...

And a screenshot of the almost immediate Farsebook reaction...

My complaint...

And then finally the run around... in effect a go ge…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Aug 22, 2022
Replying to

Colin, you told it as it is, so I'm with you. I've all but given up on Twitter, FB and LinkedIn. They deserve to be consigned to the trash can.

While we should be out on the streets demonstrating and writing to push back against media lies, this is not enough. We must play the political game since it is the only way we'll wrest back control:


Philip Hayward
Aug 22, 2022

"...I challenge them to find at least one case of a person who died in New Zealand this year from COVID who had not had a single mRNA jab. Sure, you might find one or two..."

I can also inform you that the ONLY resident at Bob Scott Retirement Village in Petone who was staunchly unvaccinated, in her eighties and with health conditions; caught Covid a few weeks ago i.e. tested positive - "and had a runny nose for a week", end of story. She commented wryly to me that there must be a few people disappointed that she didn't obligingly keel over by way of an object lesson in "the perils of remaining unvaccinated".


Dr Keryn Johnson
Dr Keryn Johnson
Aug 22, 2022

Hi Gary, I am at the hospital at present and I can say there are lots of people here. I do not know why.

For me I know the science is flawed. I know that is a big thing to say.

As a scientist with 4 degrees in biological sciences and having identified an answer for the missing 95% of the universe known as dark matter and dark energy, I think the war on people is to reduce the population on planet earth.

It is sad that we all cannot choose to live in harmony with one another but the people controlling the political parties across the globe have the intention to depopulate the planet come hell or high water.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Aug 22, 2022
Replying to

And, Keryn, while you are there another helicopter has just landed. That is the 3rd today that I know of to be delivering patients to Wgtn Hos.

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