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Why are so many people dying in New Zealand?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Who are they, and what do they have in common?

What are they dying from?

We have the answers here for you!

I wouldn't have believed it, but one of the biggest problems we now face in figuring out what is going right and wrong with the management of this pandemic is how to collate and make sense of the Tsunami of research that is growing exponentially by the week! But unfortunately, the Government and its advisors are not helping: Evidently, they are deeply entrenched in a "lock them down and jab-them like a crazy person" plan and unwilling to consider anything that might indicate that they have got things wrong.

In the case of this pandemic, it is fair to say they have got everything wrong and little, if anything, right (I can't think of anything off-hand that they got right). Sticking to outdated plans like stubborn mules while ridiculing those questioning them makes matters worse. They are destroying the economy and traumatising the population while physically maiming thousands of innocent people and killing an unknown number.

They are selling their case by resorting to gas-lighting, fear and coercion while intimidating anyone who questions their science.

Fortunately for us, there is a growing army of citizen researchers coming to the aid of independent scientists and health professionals. They are doing the jobs our Government is deliberately neglecting or manipulating to fit their failed strategy. One of these unsung volunteer heroes of the day is Grant Dixon.

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Grant Dixon

Grant Dixon is an independent filmmaker with some 40 years of experience. Previously Grant worked as a Presentation Director for Television New Zealand and as a Producer/Director for the National Film Unit of New Zealand. Among the wide range of films Grant has made, several documentaries have been on technical and scientific topics, such as earthquakes and volcanoes and the engineering of buildings before the Christchurch quakes. Grant’s most recent documentary is ‘The Big FAT Lie’, which relates his heart attack and health journey and the power of a whole food plant-based diet. It can be rented to view on iTunes here: Grant has also worked as a Communications and Events Manager for Massey University and as a Conferences Producer for EMA, both in Auckland. Grant holds a Master of Communications degree from Victoria University of Wellington and today continues his interest in evaluating trends from a statistical perspective.