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Don't mess with your family's genes!

Updated: Apr 1

Friends: you won't see or hear this in the news, due to censorship. Please forward this article to other people: this is the only way we can get this information out there - thank you!



DNA is the Wonder of the Universe: DNA is LIFE itself. DNA is our Godscript. Fiddle with our DNA, and you are trying to play God. Play God, and you do so at great peril to the future of humankind.


Let me preface what follows by acknowledging two things:

  1. Science is anarchy, it is never settled, it is never set in concrete, it thrives on debate and exploration. Dissent is essential for science to progress and it is a healthy thing.

  2. First do no harm, especially when it comes to human health. When there is ever a hint of uncertainty, health professionals are obliged to err on the safe side and to always do so unless the preponderance of the evidence supports a different action. This includes not risking harm to healthy others, in order to possibly save another. No exceptions!


Right now, a bunch of mad scientists are playing God, and you and your children - all of humanity - are the unwitting players in this most dangerous of experiments. And this is all for the sake of preventing infection with a less than 1% fatality rate without treatment, affecting mostly very old people. With proper treatment, the disease is on par with the risk of dying from getting hit by lightning, yet we risk jeopardising the existence of the human race. I'm not joking: I'm serious about this, folks!

Please don't listen to me: instead, listen to the Professor and his team:

"There are well-founded suspicions that these vaccines can insert themselves in our

DNA, causing mutations whose impact is unknown and that could even be transmitted to

our offspring. We explain how the mRNA existing in the cell cytosol can enter the nucleus

both during cell division (mitosis and meiosis) and at rest (interphase). In addition, the

possible routes of integration of DNA and RNA in our chromosomes through reverse

transcripases (RT) are discussed, especially in sperm where a specific endogenous RT

has been identified."

The authors explain how RNA from the virus in the vaccine can merge with our DNA, with four potential pathways in which this can happen (download the article by clicking below).

Download PDF • 648KB

Fact: you are only as good as your genes: if they are damaged, you are "damaged goods", and so might your offspring, and those who follow them. Genes are complex parcels of information passed from one generation to the next.

DNA is the Wonder of the Universe: DNA is LIFE itself. DNA is your Godscript.

If there is even the slightest of doubts about how these vaccines interact with genes, then the "Precautionary Principle" must kick in to first do no harm.

My questions to you:

  1. Do you want to live a long life free of disease?

  2. Do you also want your children to have long, productive, enjoyable and disease-free lives?

  3. Do you want to have grandchildren?

  4. Do you also want your grandchildren to be healthy?

If the answer to all four questions is "Yes!" then my advice is this:


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3 comentarios

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
19 dic 2021

In response to "Unknown" and Marian's comments below, here is the link where you can sign up to listen to Professor Mattias Desmet, the guest for tomorrow night's convo ( 20/ 12/ 2021-8:30 p.m. ) at Voices For Freedom.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
19 dic 2021

I can't get my head around how any parent would consider this experimental treatment was OK for their children, the danger of covid-19 to children is 0.0!

Anyway the jab doesn't even work on the new varieties anyway, what's the point?

Me gusta
19 dic 2021
Contestando a

Professor Mattias Desmet is going to be the guest for tomorrow night's convo ( 20/ 12/ 2021-8:30 p.m. ) at Voices For Freedom, and although I've already heard Matt in other interviews, and found his expertise incredibly enlightening, I still haven't picked up the best ways to break through the " spell " some people are so heavily under, it's as if they're drugged. I'm hoping to gain some more wisdom on this, as he kindly answers questions coming from a uniquely Kiwi perspective.

I'm also acutely aware that if I approach the subject like a bull at a gate, I could do more harm than good. But with young people being targeted, and then children as young as 5…

Me gusta
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