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The Jab and the Brain

Updated: Apr 1


If there is one compromise to be made, it is this:

Don't dare go anywhere near our children with that stuff!

"If you have been jabbed, the first certainty seems to be that the mRNA vaccine will enter your brain.

The second certainty is that the more covid jabs you have, the more dangerous this will be.

How many of your brain cells will die is something only time will tell. And children, of course, will be more vulnerable because they are more vulnerable anyway and because they are likely to live longer."

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1 commentaire

16 déc. 2021

In one of his videos, probably back in 2020, Dr Coleman was visibly tearful as he continued to faithfully share his knowledge and warnings about the dangers of the inoculation, and the creeping medical tyranny.

His credentials and integrity have been viciously attacked and censored by those who are pushing the narrative, yet he has continued to fight.

He may call himself " an old man in a chair " but he is a true warrior.

I have the greatest respect for his intelligence and courage, love of humanity, his wry sense of humour, encouragement and inspiration.

Thankyou for including this link Gary. I see our brain as a highly sophisticated, finely tuned and sensitive control center, to be treasured…

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