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Are you willing to inject this stuff into your child? Really!

Updated: Mar 16

Trust the Science!

Male aged 35. Experiencing a resting heart rate of 170. Constant muscle pain all over. Insomnia. Muscle spasms all coincide with the second dose of Pfizer. Six weeks in and no answers from Doctors.

Here's the latest from his family:

"Hey mate, XXX's Lil brother who is 6”3 and 120kg has had a very bad reaction to his 2nd Pfizer mandated jab for work.

Heart rate rested 135, blue lips, 8 weeks insomnia, muscle spasms, aches and pain, head sweats.

Dr has given tranquillisers again (2nd visit) but no admission.

Is there anything he can do w supplements or vitamins or?

Cheers XXX

Lost my job bc not gonna get the shot."

(Names supplied but withheld)


Look closely at the video of this man's calf muscle and you will see the muscle fibres are firing randomly. Now, imagine this happening to his heart which is a muscle, and what are the implications for his brain and other organs?

They will inject this stuff into children as young as five years in one month from now.

As we know, the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, so we can expect the following to happen:

  • They will mandate injecting our children.

  • They will then come for our babies.

  • They will mandate injecting pregnant women (this is already strongly encouraged).

If you fear your child getting COVID, then fear lightning. Fear the Boogey Man while you are at it. Fear more crossing the road.

Health Tip: Feed them good food and a child's vitamin supplement.

There is sufficient evidence on this website alone to conclude this jab does serious harm to robust adults. Are you willing to risk sticking this into your children? Really!

A healthy society protects its children and pregnant women. To the death!

When they come for them, my question to you is this:

Will you stand in front to protect them, or will you offer them up in sacrifice while cowering at the rear?

Are you a hero, or are you a coward?

Of course, you are a hero!


Important Meeting Today!

At short notice, the following is an invitation for you to meet with us today.

Alofa and I are going to a freedom rally today at 11.30 am, and we are inviting you to join us! So come and join us for a peaceful walk to ring the Governor-General's doorbell. It should be empowering and fun.

Millions March in Newtown - against mandatory vaccines, passports, borders, lockdowns, and traffic lights!

Where: Meet at McAlistair Park (Adelaide Rd side) and walk to Government House (1 Rugby St, Newtown).

When: 4th December meet at 11 am and start walking for 11:30.

Alofa and I are doing this for the children. We are riding our bikes to and from the rally. Why not join us - on foot or with your bike? Bring your children.

If you can't make the Wellington rally, there is another in the Hutt:

Freedom & Rights Coalition March in Lower Hutt

Where: Lower Hutt War Memorial Library, 2 Queens Drive.

When: 4th December meets at 11 am.

PS: there is a full-on media blackout of these and other events. They have also taken down Freedom websites such as Voices For Freedom to stop people from communicating about these rallies.


More Reading:




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1 Comment

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Dec 04, 2021

Every day and always> all the best to Gary and his family for the courage and clarity you show in this war against the -people. About 30% of us are so completely conditioned and hypnotised by the narrative that if our entire family dropped dead after the > RNA spike protein "vaccine" we would still believe the communist narrative that all was good in the service of humanity. Gary Moller fits in to about the 5% of people who know what is happening and is prepared to act on his knowledge and goodness.

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