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Welcome to Apartheid New Zealand!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Korean Rally

And, as of today, New Zealand is officially and proudly a totalitarian state.

Do Not Comply!

Comrades, I sent this email below to the Department of Conservation. You might like to send similar letters to any agency or business that discriminates against you. Patronise and publicise the businesses that welcome you regardless of your vaccination status.

If you are in any way discriminated upon by any business or agency then you must, without hesitation, complain to the Human Rights Commission. Here is the process. It is simple:

You are far from alone: find like-minded people, vaxxed and unvaxxed in your community and meet over dinner or morning tea. Meet by video or on the phone; give each other moral support. Some of us are doing it hard. Look after them. There are heaps of them: last Monday night we went to a meeting of small business owners, expecting there to be a dozen or so others. Well, guess what? The hall was packed with something like 2-300 people, all concerned about the impact of the traffic light system on their businesses!

Join these organisations, donate and get involved:



Get involved:

Please do not forget this: we are all in this together, vaxxed and unvaxxed. What is happening in NZ has nothing to do with a virus; it is all about never-ending vaccines, endless restrictions on freedoms, it is a power-grab, with universal electronic identity cards and surveillance.


My letter to DOC:

I refer to your media release, sent to me this morning.

So, along with many thousands of Kiwi, we become Untouchables in this once beautiful and free country. Welcome to Apartheid NZ, and you are complicit in this crime!

We had planned to have several summer camping holidays to cope with the insanity that has gripped this country, but this was reliant on being able to park up at DOC sites and do bikepacking. We planned to paddle the Whanganui River, staying in a tent on DOC sites.

Where's your risk assessment showing that unvaccinated people are a health risk to the vaccinated while in the Great Outdoors? Please go on, and show me the science.

While you are at it, please explain why a vaccine is a vaccine when it does not prevent anything?

And, while you are at it, read this to see my risk assessments:

Read this as well:

And this:

Hey, its a poison, but if you still agree it is safe and effective, let's get on with the job and jab pregnant women and babies! Make sure your child is the first in line, along with the PM's child and all the politician's children and grandchildren.

Do you want to participate in this crime? Really?

We are looking forward to your reply. DOC can surely do better than this.

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