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Fox News Interviews Lorraine Moller about Saving Women's Sport

Updated: Mar 9

Our friend, Rod Dixon, sent us this video.

Well, well, isn't New Zealand causing a stir over NZ having the first transgender athlete competing as a woman at the Olympics and my sister, Lorraine, is right in the thick of it!

Fox Interview

Lorraine has always been a tireless campaigner for equality and fairness for women in sport and not without cost. Good on you, Lorraine, and good on all the other brave women who are standing up and saying this is going too far.

While praising these heroic women, I must say I'm deeply disappointed at the weak-kneed response of the women who are appointed to represent female sport, most paid handsomely to do so. In my view, from their actions, including the silence of most, they are in default of their duty to represent the best interests of women. They must be held to account. I'd fire them.


Lorraine Moller MBE, Four-time Olympian, Boston Marathon Winner & Forerunner for Equality in Women’s Athletics

I was privileged to have an athletic career at a time of emergence of equity in middle-distance and distance events for women. The inclusion of the marathon in the 1984 Olympics was a huge milestone achieved by the efforts of women runners around the world lobbying to have their own category as female competitors. Without this biological distinction I, and my fellow women competitors, would never have been selected to run in the Olympics, and I certainly would have had zero opportunity of realising my lifelong dream of standing on the Olympic podium. While I appreciate that transgender people wish to compete in the category of their choosing, the well-documented hormonal advantage of biologically-born males over females simply undoes all that we worked so hard for. I would fully support transgender women lobbying for their own category, as pioneering sportswomen successfully did in the late 20th century.

Dr John Hellemans
Dr John Hellemans

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