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Lorraine Moller says inclusion of transgender athletes at Games derails women's sport

Updated: Mar 8

Lorraine Moller
Feminine Beauty and Power!

"Former New Zealand Olympic medallist Lorraine Moller has questioned the fairness behind allowing transgender athletes to compete in the women's categories at the Games."

By: Lachlan Waugh Multimedia Sport Journalist

And, here is the original radio interview:

It continues to disappoint me and, presumably the majority of New Zealanders, that our female leaders in sport are failing to defend the women they are supposed to represent. Is it because they have been instructed to be quiet, lest the sporting body they represent is slapped with a million-dollar lawsuit alleging gender discrimination? Cowards, if you ask me.

Women are being denied the opportunity to represent their country, to gain scholarships and sponsorships. Let's turn the tables: it is about time women sued those in charge for the lost opportunities. At the very least, women in sport need to stand up and say, "this has gone too far!" Women need to get some testosterone and assert themselves; they need to boycott events where there is unfair competition.

Petitions you can sign:

This is the most important one to sign:

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