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NZ Transgender Weight-Lifter selected for the Olympics

Updated: Mar 9

Tokyo Olympics

Like it, or love it: New Zealand is to send the first-ever transgender person to the Olympic Games. You don't have to agree with me, but I think this attempt to be fair to transgender women is unfair for women. I'm not alone on this one.


Of course, this survey is far from robust, but it gives an idea of where public opinion lies on this matter. I think our sports leaders are out of step on this issue. They have got it wrong.

Former Professor in Exercise Physiology and a high-performance athlete in his own right, Steve Stannard, wrote an opinion piece about this issue a little over a week ago. I think he nails it.

"Add this male sex-related advantage in physical pursuits to the subtle but important effect of sport during puberty, and you have a male adult with an advantage in that sport; an advantage that will never go away even when testosterone declines."

Steve raises concerns about the long-term effects on health from hormone suppression which is required of transgender athletes who wish to qualify for events such as the Olympics. His article reminded me of one transgender person. She is the most lovely person and her transition to being female was the best thing she has ever done. However, she is now partially paralysed. While the cause is a complete medical mystery, I am highly suspicious that it is the hormone therapy that is at fault. Her first onset of symptoms coincided with the hormone therapy. We can never prove anything, but this is more of a coincidence than mere chance.

Steve concludes his essay with what I think is the best solution so far and one that is fair to all involved.

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Ernest Gibbs
Sep 10, 2021

Another plank in the Globalist woke CRT cultural Marxist agenda in the name of diversity, inclusion and equity, which tickles the ear but is a form of decadence that will lead to the breakdown of society. On one hand the powers that be tell us to follow the science, but this is anti-science.

Ernest Gibbs
Sep 11, 2021
Replying to

This just demonstrates the power of the LGBT agenda with the Progressives behind and intertwined with it, to be able to sway the IOC to their degenerate thinking, that a man can be a woman on the world stage of sport. No doubt they have infiltrated it like every other institute or institution, be it government, NGO or corporation.

Yes, definitely anti-women. In their brand of culture and politics, it seems they have downgraded the status of womanhood, where she almost has to apologise for being a woman by calling her a cis-woman, which I find a very offensive term for a woman, simply just for being one.

Unfortunately, this over-realised transgender craze is also swinging the other way too…

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