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Introducing the Medical Mafia!

(Updated October, 2023)


  • This article sheds light on the presence of a powerful and intimidating foreign group within the medical field in New Zealand.

  • The article highlights the experiences of doctors who faced repercussions for speaking out against vaccine adverse events. The loss of the medical careers and reputations of these doctors serves as a warning to others within the system.

  • The content raises concerns about the suppression of information and the potential dangers of following such practises. It also touches upon censorship in the health sector and the need to address these issues.

  • NZ First has promised an inquiry into NZ's COVID response.


We have confirmation that the Mafia is present and thriving within New Zealand, strong-armed and intimidated well-intentioned doctors:

Medical Council Letter

Comply or Die!

The medical careers and reputations of doctors like Matt Shelton and Anne O'Reilly have been hung high outside the city's gates as a warning to all others to toe the line or else suffer similar fates. Nowadays, anything to do with vaccine adverse events is the poison chalice for a medical career. Hence, there's silence from the doctors that remain in the system.

The doctors who remain within the medical system are either ignorant, blind, or complying out of fear that they'll lose their jobs. Whatever may be the case, they are in default of their Hippocratic Oath, which is their promise to place the welfare of their patients above all else.

NZ First has promised a wide-ranging, transparent, and independent inquiry with the power to prosecute.

I'd be interested to know what you think about this, including what you think of the doctors who comply with this dangerous nonsense.

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