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Silenced Documentary Reveals Media, Medical and Academic Censorship in NZ

(Updated 13 April 2023)

Important message:

Yesterday (12 April), I broadcast a message that the video embedded in this article had been taken down. Yes, it had been, but to be clear, it was reinstated by the video's producer on a video hosting platform called Rumble, which is resisting censorship. The record of this censorship is found here:

Please help us resist censorship by forwarding this article and the video as widely as possible. Thank you!

The documentary Silenced released today reveals how streams of subtle censorship running through New Zealand’s COVID-19 response skewed the story relayed to the public by the media, the medical establishment and academia.

Shot with the sandy background of a striking west coast landscape, Silenced was written, directed and produced by Samantha Blanchard of Candlelight Productions NZ. The documentary gently delivers a compelling story focussed on freedom of speech, without straying into the polarising debate of pro or anti-vax.

“The disparity of information and the demonisation of people who upheld freedom of choice over the last few years has totally changed New Zealand society” said Blanchard. “Like many others, plenty of my personal relationships have been seriously impacted during that time. Silenced is my response to this and was born out of necessity. It’s mainly for those that have been alienated from one another. I hope it helps their relationships to heal.”

The three interviewees in Silenced reveal shocking stories about the nature of COVID-19 related censorship, suggesting many of their colleagues’ experienced similar treatment during the last three years: * Well-known broadcaster Peter Williams walked from his job suddenly in 2021, unable to freely explore expert opinions about the vaccine rollout while satisfying the commercial interests of his employer, Mediaworks. Williams reflects on his concerns about the state of democracy in New Zealand with freedom of speech undermined by advertising and grant money provided by the Government to the news media. * Sociologist Jodie Bruning speaks from her own research about the problematic, economically-driven funding environment for science and research in New Zealand, which hinders the ability of experts to speak out of step with a Government narrative. Bruning vindicates the research of a New Zealand epidemiologist who was silenced after vaccine mandates began, and highlights the importance of open debate and holding space for uncomfortable science. * De-registered GP Dr Anne O’Reilly recounts her story of asking burning questions as she advocated for her patients, only to be denied answers by our health authorities and suspended from her profession after 40 years of service – an action normally reserved for serious fraud or manslaughter. Dr O’Reilly also speaks to the heavy censorship of highly-qualified international experts who pioneered successful treatments for COVID-19 well before a vaccine was rolled out. In Silenced, Bruning and Dr O’Reilly also explore the toothless nature of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid-19 Lessons. “Many critical matters have been left outside the scope of the enquiry, ensuring many burning questions will remain unanswered - even with the benefit of hindsight.”

“Big budget documentaries made with Government grants and ready-to-go platforms, have portrayed people asking questions of it as deluded and dangerous” said Blanchard. The perspectives portrayed in Silenced balance those in government-funded documentaries ‘Fire and Fury’ and ‘Web of Chaos’, for example. Silenced is essential viewing for anyone that’s formed an opinion based on those documentaries. If mainstream journalism were fair and balanced, Silenced would not exist. “My burning question is: why do we need to balance the assertions made by our mainstream media when it’s their responsibility to provide balance in the first place?” “I hope people who’ve seen through the lies already will be willing to share Silenced with loved-ones who have not. It’s not my intention to destabilise or incite any anger or violence against our authorities, but merely to encourage them towards the transparency and accountability the public expects of them.”

Samantha Blanchard, Writer, Director and Producer of Silenced

Candlelight Productions NZ

Silenced can be viewed at

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