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About Censorship and Natural Health

Updated: Mar 9

freedom of speech

You may be aware that my blog and social media outlets such as Facebook are "shadow-banned". My Facebook account was even suspended for a while due to my posting "Misinformation". Unless a person knows how to search for my articles, you are unlikely to find them on the internet nowadays by a purely organic search. You must use my name in the search and with Facebook, well, forget about it. My Facebook traffic is 10% of what it was this year.

I now rely on you encouraging other people to subscribe to my blog updates. This is the only way I can get my articles circulated. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this!

You do not have to agree with me on anything, and I do not have to agree with you. It is all about free speech, which is the cornerstone to a free and open society. Instead, we are experiencing medical tyranny where only one side of our time's most pressing health issue is permitted discussion. I'm afraid that's not right, and it is going to get worse.

I received this email today from the Organic Consumer's Association:

This issue of Organic Bytes is about censorship and our suspicions that Bayer-Monsanto’s new PR strategy is to censor its biggest critics by painting us as “anti-vaxxers” who are a “public health threat” and must be deplatformed.

If you’re reading these words, please know how important you are.

The sad truth is…

  • Every day, nearly every American eats something that was produced with genetic engineering or pesticides. This has become even more true during the pandemic, as more people have had to tighten their food budgets or rely on food assistance.

  • About half of Americans take a prescription drug, including drugs for healthy people that are used long-term, like birth control and mood stabilizers.

  • One in four women use pharmaceutical contraception, which can lower libido, and antidepressants, which can cause numbness and dependence.

  • Before the pandemic, one in six people were taking psychiatric drugs and, as Business Wire gleefully reported, COVID-19 caused a surge in demand.

If you’re reading this email, you are one of the lucky ones.

You have access to uncensored information that can help you buck these trends. Use it to:

• Do everything in your power—love, eat, sleep, exercise, get outdoors in the sun, connect to a higher power—to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and happy.

• Stay out of the clutches of corporations like Bayer who have so many ways to get you to buy their poisons.

• Live by example and invite others to join you in the joy it brings you.

• Find community in the food system by connecting with the most regenerative farmers and joining community supported agriculture projects, food coops, buying clubs and community gardens.

And, pass it on.

In the old days, before social media, we kept email lists of our friends and family, and forwarded them our favorite jokes, pictures, articles and calls to action. Today, everyone’s on social media, but it’s getting harder and harder to actually connect with one another.

Facing censorship on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, OCA has been experimenting with new social media channels. You can find our censored videos on Rokfin and get uncensored updates from us on Telegram.

It’s still very important to share OCA’s news on the biggest social media platforms. It’s much harder to block a thunderstorm than a single raindrop!

But, it’s even more important to reach out to folks directly. Without email, we wouldn’t exist. We get just about all of our donations this way.

So, please share this email!

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