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Here is an example of health censorship

Updated: Mar 15

For the last decade or so, I have used a research service provided by Greenmedinfo. Greenmedinfo has compiled the world's most comprehensive searchable database of Pubmed research studies on the broad topic of natural health. Greenmedinfo is being progressively deleted from the internet. The level of health censorship is alarming and no let-up is in sight.


Here is what they have to say about these attacks on health freedom:


Attacks and censorship against Independent journalism, natural medicine, and health freedom advocacy, have never been more intense. In the past few years, Pinterest, Mailchimp, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin have all deleted our accounts. Please support our work at by becoming a member today!


I realise that I am pushing the limits myself with many of the articles published on my blog. I'm half expecting a knock on the door late one night. But I think I'm safe for now since I'm a small player and of no significance. The big players like Dr Mercola and Sayer Ji (Greenmedinfo) are the ones who are under direct attack and really feeling the heat.


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