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Olympian, Lorraine Moller: An Advocate for Women-only Spaces and Women in Sports

Updated: Aug 20

The S.B. Group in Wellington (3rd Party Promoter) has produced a video featuring former Kiwi Olympic marathon runner Lorraine Moller MBE. Lorraine competed in four Olympics, achieving a bronze medal finish at Barcelona in 1992. Her last competitive Olympic race was in Atlanta in 1996.

Lorraine has been an advocate for women-only spaces and women in sports throughout her career and afterwards. She is a strong supporter of New Zealand First’s recently announced policy on protecting women’s spaces and women in sport. Lorraine believes that the 2023 General Election can be won on a single issue and is urging all women (and men) who want to restore the rightful place of women in our society and on our sports fields to vote for New Zealand First.

Please help us protect women's sport!

Lorraine and I are asking for one simple thing from you: Please share Lorraine's video with your friends, and on social media, using one or more of these links.

This article:

YouTube at this link: The video can be downloaded at this Dropbox link here (compressed to 100megs):

Why are our leaders non-committal on these gender issues?

Words like weak-kneed, cowardly, complicit, and ill-informed come to mind, but who am I to judge.

One of our sisters was at the Posie Parker rally at Albert Park earlier this year. For her safety, she stood alongside several police officers. As things turned ugly and violent, members of the public did approach the police, pleading they intervened because it was turning into the lynching of a petite middle-aged woman and others were also being assaulted. The police looked the other way and only intervened once Posie and the brave people trying to protect her had run the gauntlet. In response to this outrageous behaviour and the muffled response of our politicians, including the Opposition, and the compliant media, I made this video:

We need to back strong leaders who aren't fearful of calling out and ending this nonsense.

Why are we supporting NZ First?

NZ First is the only political party with a decent chance of getting into Parliament which has promised an end to this gender nonsense, including stopping the sexualisation and gender-confusion of our children, as young as preschool, through the sex new education curriculum that's been surreptitiously rolled out.

The other parties, including National and ACT, are merely feebly bleating in opposition, fearful of any backlash and wanting to have it both ways.

Can we trust Winston and NZ First?

Winston is only as strong as his voter base and, therefore, how many MPs he has with him in Parliament. On the iterations of the Therapeutic Products Act, which is an assault on health freedoms and health choices — and health professionals like me, Winston has been true to his promises on two previous occasions, and thrown the legislation out, and promises to do this a 3rd time. Yes, we can trust him, but only if we give him the support he needs to be negotiate and stand his ground.

The best way to make sure NZ First is true to its promises is to not only vote for the party but to also join it and get involved.

We become the Party - The Party becomes us!

Learn more here:

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