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Therapeutic Products Bill: The Videos!

On Tuesday, 2nd May, the Natural Health Alliance hosted a public meeting to discuss and inform the public about the Therapeutic Products Bill and what it means for consumers, health professionals, importers, and manufacturers of natural health products.

Our access to knowledge about traditional remedies and food as medicine and having health choices, including control over what we put in our bodies, are fundamental human rights. This Bill threatens rights that most people agree are fundamental freedoms, yet for some incomprehensible reason, mainstream media is trying to make people like me sound like anti-vaxxer kooks.

Greta speaking

This issue has nothing to do with being anti or pro-vaccine: it is about being pro-health and pro-choice - nothing more and nothing less.

Here's an example of the kind of conspiratorial drivel being directed our way by MSM:

And here is another:

This is not journalism but carefully crafted propaganda.

The claim that 80% of the natural health industry supports this legislation is complete and utter rubbish and was refuted on the day by Paddy Fahy of the Natural Health Alliance in the presence of the Post's reporter, Bridie Witton, yet she still reported the lie (or, is that misinformation).

As you might gather from the photo in the Post's article, there were more than 300 in attendance, fewer at any time, but people were coming and going depending on the timing and duration of their lunch breaks, so easily 300 people.

The meeting closed with this unanimous call to the government:

Here are the presentations in the order they were delivered on the day:

What you can do: