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How to Unite the Freedom Movement behind one Political Party

Updated: Apr 6

(Updated 4th July, 2023)


The plan in a glance:

The Problem

  • As high as 60% of the voting population is dissatisfied with the current crop of MPs and political parties in parliament. But who else can they vote for to bring about meaningful change?

  • If there is to be a change for the better, the freedom & democracy vote must become the Kingmaker following the general election. If the "freedom & democracy vote" is not focused and delivered into a single, viable party that is easily identified by the public, the role of Kingmaker after the next election will go to a party such as ACT, the Greens or the Maori Party. If we are anything less than the Kingmaker party, the loss of our peoples' freedoms will accelerate.

  • The proliferation of 3rd tier parties is exactly what the established parties want because it splits the freedom & democracy vote, thus rendering it impotent.

Lynda Wharton

The Solution:

  • We use regular voter polling, to identify the 3rd tier party that best represents freedom & democracy voters, and which has the best chance of winning seats after the next election.

  • About six weeks out from the election, the leading party in the polling is declared the winner.

  • Restoring freedom and democracy to this country is so compelling that compromise is necessary. So, there is no place for over-inflated egos. Instead, there must be tireless and selfless teamwork. Therefore:

  • Once our winner is identified, we, the voters, will demand that all the other 3rd tier parties must not only graciously stand down, but also put every resource at their disposal behind the leading party, thus ensuring it gets across the line, and with substantial numbers - 30% or more of the popular vote, which means it has the numbers in parliament to be the Kingmaker.

Rodney Hide

Your Actions to Take:

  • Go here now, to Voters United, and sign up to cast your vote in their polling - it is free, but please give the cause a donation no matter how small.

  • Spread this message wide and far - encourage everyone you know to sign up with Voters United!

  • If you already have your favourite party, then join it and even get involved as a volunteer.

  • Once the winner of the polling is announced, even if it means changing horses, please get in behind them and back them to the hilt to ensure they smash it at the general election!

  • Watch my videos - the short version above and the long version below - which explain the plan in more detail.

Gary Endorsing Voters United


Welcome to my presentation on the widespread dissatisfaction among Kiwis regarding the current state of governance in New Zealand.

Today, we will shed light on the growing discontent and the challenges faced by alternative parties striving to contest the upcoming election.

We have seen through so many things being imposed on us that the Government and the opposition have lost their mandate to govern.

It is as if we are being subjected to a psyops programme intended to divide then conquer us, and all of our MPs are complicit either as active parties or as naive sleepwalkers.

We offer a solution.

Here is the Voters United website. Please sign up with them now - it is free!

Voters United banner


Here is some more commentary:

Legislation and programmes that we did not vote for, designed to centralise, confuse and control the population are being imposed upon us at a rate we cannot fully comprehend their implications, let alone adjust to. Examples are the Therapeutic Products Bill, Co-Governance, Three Waters, the dissolution of Area Health Boards, the imposition of mass fluoridation, the sexualisation and gender confusion of our children, plans to clamp down on free speech with hate speech laws, plans for the widespread introduction of GMO and GE for plant, animal and human manipulation, and the closure and vandalisation of Marsden Point.

Where there was consultation of the people it has been a joke.

It all looks like the people running this country are enthusiastically leading the charge for us to be the first to introduce the WEF's 4th Industrial Revolution, the UN's Agenda 2030 and the WHO's Global Pandemic Response - best described as plans to create a global technocracy where a few evil elites will rule the world using technology to grab power and control the minds and bodies of humanity. Like mindless battery-farmed chickens, we will own nothing but be happy. I include Jacinda as one of these evil technocrats. She is far from inactive these days, working behind the scenes to complete the plans of her WEF masters, using Big Tech and government spy agencies to cancel free speech globally using her veil of kindness, best known as the "Christchurch Call", to hide their true intentions.

15-minute cities, a digital, trackable currency, vaccine passports, universal 24-hour surveillance, weaponising the media, creating energy, food and water insecurity, creating climate emergencies, eternal wars, destroying the family unit, religion, heightening racial tensions, and emasculating young men who should be our protectors by creating gender confusion are examples that come to mind. Much of this can be packaged under the banner of "woke", a term many of us are only now coming to comprehend, and to realise how dangerous it is to our way of life in the country we once called GodZone, once the best place in the world to live and raise a family.

Our sitting MPs will not listen, let alone act on our concerns. So, the best solution to wrest back control of this country is for awake citizens to unite behind a single freedom party, thus gaining "Kingmaker" status at the election a few months from now. We are the majority, at least 60% of voters know something is wrong, but our enemies are actively dividing, confusing and isolating us. It is time for us to call them out and to unite!

Please join me and sign up for the Voters united Website:

Thank you for your time.

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Carl Peterson
Carl Peterson
Aug 08, 2023

How did we give them so much power? It's all about taxes. New Zealand is the new Fascist capital of the south. Where else do you have tax-free capital gains, mandated inflation favouring corporations and the rich, inflation adjusted wholesale interest rates favouring lenders and punishing borrowers? Where else can corporate and business 'persons' claim a myriad 'personal' expenses against tax liability? Labour, National, Act, and the Greens are all in on this together, intent on raising taxes yet more to fund an ever-growing fascist bureaucracy? Fascism is the concept whereby capital, through share investment, control of the corporations, and control of the media, is entitled to make all the rules. Thus we have low taxes on capital and inescapable…


Jun 27, 2023

Mass fluoridation and the others you mention are perfect examples of Fascism. The sexualistion and gender confusion are a smoke screen to hide the horrendous problems from biological warfare and mRNA gene therapy products and the loss of human rights.

Time for action and a new party the elected members of which ensure Constitutional and Administrative Principles are followed and they fulfil their Fiduciary Obligations to act solely i the interests of the public of NZ/Aotearoa, neither industry nor foreign interests.


Kiwi Cam
Kiwi Cam
Jun 26, 2023

It will be interesting to see if we can pull this off. It requires uniting, and so far I'm not seeing it. Things can move quickly with the right influence. Currently the voting is spread thinly which is frankly dumb if people won't switch, but I get that each party wants to be the chosen one. At the expense of having a voice in parliament. We'll need some strong coordination and education in the run up to the election - well done on doing your bit here.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Jun 26, 2023
Replying to

Agree, Cam.

Every contribution, no matter how small, can contribute to what may equate to being a tsunami. Let's count on it.

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