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The Village that is Evolving within a City: Freedom Village!


Thank goodness we got through that terrible storm: it just goes to show how kind, resourceful and tough these people are.

We are not going anywhere!

We are witnessing on the grounds of Parliament the organic evolution of a city within a city and without designated leaders: where a problem exists, someone comes up with a solution as was amply demonstrated when the sprinklers were activated. We laughed at that one, by the way. Then he resorted to blaring loud, screechy, torture music, rumoured to have been supplied by the CCP.

This cartoon is Koha from an Anonymous Artists

According to the news, the real occupation is just a few hundred and they lack unity; they say there are faeces everywhere - portaloos are overflowing, that children are feeling unsafe, listeria is about to break out and neo Nazis are threatening Wellingtonians.

Alofa and I have been down there every day and that is not what we are seeing: there has been so much love, including kisses and hugs - well, I'm all hugged out - but ready for more!

After two years of psychological warfare, mostly outright lies, intended to make us fear our neighbours and to wear a mask so we can not read others emotions; and then six months of being made to feel like an unclean non-citizen, I'm all for unrestricted hugs smiles and kisses - bring it on!


This cartoon is Koha from an Anonymous Artists

By the way, if I catch COVID, because I hugged someone, so be it, because I'd prefer to exist as a social being, and I'll take my chances with a virus. I'll get better then my natural immunity will protect those around me for many years to come.

Livestream from the Freedom Village for Tuesday 14th Feb:

The photos that follow are from Monday 14 to 15th. Sunday was still very wet with the village being restored and upgraded after a horrendous overnight storm. The people hung in there!