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Here's what happens when you beat up women and drag them by the hair!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

On 10 February, images were beamed around the world, and possibly to other planets, of peaceful protesters, including old, young and naked women being attacked and manhandled by police.

Watch the videos here (there are many more like this on various platforms and the first two may be upsetting, so use your discretion ): The woman wearing only a G-string suffered extensive bruising. Look at the policeman with his knee on her head.

I think the above came from these people:

Another video here worth watching:

Now, watch this video below, it is several hours long but give it a good scan. As you view this raw footage, I challenge you to find a single example of a civilian attacking a police officer. Please find one to offset the hundred or more of police-directed violence. Force must be measured and reasonable and I think there is ample evidence of multiple assaults.

If you ever wanted evidence that Mainstream Media, has been captured and is no longer telling the truth, and this is worldwide, read the article below (can't call it anything else) and compare what they report with what you see in the raw video footage above and elsewhere. So, the naked woman leapt through the police lines, did she? Why on Earth would she do that? Ditch the TV and other MSM, folks, and find alternative sources about what's going on in the world.

Here's what happened the following day, 11th Feb:

Yesterday, mid-morning (11th Feb) and right through to about 4 pm, it was a to the death scrum: Aggressive police tactics versus Kiwis from all walks of life, young and old, peacefully holding the line, many with their backs turned, while asking for the return of their freedoms. If the police had broken the line, then peaceful resistance might have morphed into outright violence. There were people there who have lost just about everything and with little more left to lose. Thank goodness people held the line and kept their nerves.

police line

The police, the majority being decent people, I'm sure, in the image below, were right to hang their heads in shame. It is said that several officers had quit the force by the following morning. I don't blame them while feeling terribly sad things have come to this for them because we need good police officers like them: Only thugs would have signed on for this kind of work - hurting women and putting some into hospital is not in the job description. However, it takes only a handful of overly aggressive ones to tarnish the reputations of the majority of decent police officers. I wish they'd have stayed on and the aggressive ones dismissed. The competence of their leaders is where the investigations need to be directed.