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Here's what happens when you beat up women and drag them by the hair!

Updated: Mar 17

On 10 February, images were beamed around the world, and possibly to other planets, of peaceful protesters, including old, young and naked women being attacked and manhandled by police.

Watch the videos here (there are many more like this on various platforms and the first two may be upsetting, so use your discretion ): The woman wearing only a G-string suffered extensive bruising. Look at the policeman with his knee on her head.

I think the above came from these people:

Another video here worth watching:

Now, watch this video below, it is several hours long but give it a good scan. As you view this raw footage, I challenge you to find a single example of a civilian attacking a police officer. Please find one to offset the hundred or more of police-directed violence. Force must be measured and reasonable and I think there is ample evidence of multiple assaults.

If you ever wanted evidence that Mainstream Media, has been captured and is no longer telling the truth, and this is worldwide, read the article below (can't call it anything else) and compare what they report with what you see in the raw video footage above and elsewhere. So, the naked woman leapt through the police lines, did she? Why on Earth would she do that? Ditch the TV and other MSM, folks, and find alternative sources about what's going on in the world.

Here's what happened the following day, 11th Feb:

Yesterday, mid-morning (11th Feb) and right through to about 4 pm, it was a to the death scrum: Aggressive police tactics versus Kiwis from all walks of life, young and old, peacefully holding the line, many with their backs turned, while asking for the return of their freedoms. If the police had broken the line, then peaceful resistance might have morphed into outright violence. There were people there who have lost just about everything and with little more left to lose. Thank goodness people held the line and kept their nerves.

police line

The police, the majority being decent people, I'm sure, in the image below, were right to hang their heads in shame. It is said that several officers had quit the force by the following morning. I don't blame them while feeling terribly sad things have come to this for them because we need good police officers like them: Only thugs would have signed on for this kind of work - hurting women and putting some into hospital is not in the job description. However, it takes only a handful of overly aggressive ones to tarnish the reputations of the majority of decent police officers. I wish they'd have stayed on and the aggressive ones dismissed. The competence of their leaders is where the investigations need to be directed.

tired cops

There were a few big male officers shoulder-charging into the people, others kneeing and elbowing, then grabbing and pulling people out one-by-one. One elderly woman had ribs broken and is now in hospital; a friend was elbow punched in the chest; she collapsed shortly after, and was treated for a sternum injury; a man had his face ground into the concrete, and, famously, a near-naked woman, whose dress had been ripped off, was dragged along the ground by her hair. To honour her contribution to NZ history, I propose a bronze statue of her in all her Eve-like nakedness and place it next to John Seddon's. It is reported she is emotionally traumatised and has a cracked pelvis.

After a long day of pushing and shoving, this is what finally happened and the drawn-out stalemate was broken. I can not describe how thrilling this moment was because, at times, it looked like all was lost. But this goes to show that it is never over until it is over.

The Government have never held the moral high ground and they demonstrated on that day that it never can and never will be theirs to hold.

The World watched and there was outrage by many. My sister in the USA, Lorraine rang me: she was watching the live cast with alarm. Big men do not hurt women: they protect them. The police's reputation is tarnished. It is the fault of the Government and the Police Bosses who failed to control their men and women, thus failing to protect the people.

(Thanks for sending the video made by Lingo Lewi, Max.)

In response to what went on and with rumours that the military and more police were on their way, I wrote this plea yesterday:

The people called upon their Higher Powers, and thousands of decent Kiwis are coming from all over the country to stand side-by-side, and to tell this Government that enough is enough!


By yesterday morning it was reunions and hugs all around. We were blown away by the support.

Let's be happy, caring and healthy people once again, and grab this Omricon farce, the lies and deception, and the scoundrels who occupy the depths of moral bankruptcy, and throw them out of our lives forever! Let's take back the humanity those people who are supposed to serve sought to steal from the hard-working and decent citizens of Aotearoa. The People occupy the Moral High Ground - not them.


I hear one 80-plus-year-old grandmother, on seeing what was going down on in Wellington, hitch-hiked overnight from Hamilton to Wellington, bringing only the clothes she was wearing, plus her false teeth.

Today (11th Feb), the numbers have swelled and I cried a few tears of both joy and relief.



Although it was raining, the Speaker of the house, Trevor Mallard, according to reports, ordered the sprinklers turned on. We knew something was about to happen because the MSM cameras were quickly turned on, ready to capture some great footage of chaos for the 6 pm news. Those childish plans were thwarted because they were trying to wet an army of tradies: plumbers, builders, landscapers and more: all practical people unlike our leaders on high who show they couldn't be trusted to run kiddie's lemonade stall, let alone a country.

By the way, turning on the sprinklers shows they are running out of ideas. The problem is, they're ruining our country.



These practical and compassionate people are united, despite reports to the contrary, and here until these freedom-robbing mandates are thrown out.

The country runs best when there are no politicians; that was evident over the Christmas Break when we all relaxed and things hummed along. The Pandemic kind of disappeared until a few weeks after the politicians returned from their extended break. The pattern was confirmed this week: So, it may be best that we get rid of the lot, including the Opposition Parties who are just as responsible as Labour for this mess.

Below: Kiwis looking after themselves. No politicians are required in this kitchen: how about in your kitchen?



That's Jason sitting next to his banner. He is from Whanganui. When Jason saw what was going down in Wellington, he cobbled a banner, loaded up the car and drove down overnight. Politicians are going to have to cooperate with Jason, sooner or later.

I think there is one banner missing:

the end

However, a warning to all:

While we may have won yesterday's battle; yes it was a battle, we have yet to win the war. We must not let up. We are up against a cunning and powerful foe that is seeking absolute power.

Hold the line like the brave people did last Thursday.

We need the numbers. Spread the message far and wide. Take peaceful action in your region, and you're welcome to come to Wellington, especially during the weekdays when numbers may be fewer. You will be looked after.

Do not comply, assert your right to fundamental freedoms, and protect your children and babies, but please do not be violent, or get arrested. Play an active part in making history!

If there is just one thing you can do, that is to share this article wide and far. Thank you!


My mate, Ian who I used to race bikes against around 1978, sent me his partner's (Deb) account of the events that unfolded over the last few days. Compare her account with mine:

One of the things that has been very noticeable is that the crowd have largely not needed to be governed.

Nobody has to be told what to do. A need is noticed and somebody just does it. Wellington locals are buying food and making it in their own kitchens.

or here:

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Feb 21, 2022

It's this kind of stuff that makes me proud to be a Kiwi, certainly not what's we've been subjected to over the past couple of years!


Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Feb 13, 2022

Great work Gary!!!!


Rodney Hide
Rodney Hide
Feb 12, 2022

Very excellent report. Thank you.

Rodney Hide

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Feb 12, 2022
Replying to

We can all see where David Seymour stands [ or kneels ] as expected from another globalist follower without any real knowledge of what is happening.


Dave King
Dave King
Feb 12, 2022

They are now using guerilla tactics with flood lights and constant noise from loud speakers to deprive the protesters of sleep. They are the lowest of the low.


Kiwi Cam
Kiwi Cam
Feb 11, 2022

Good to see some great signs in those pics. I get a bit concerned when I see a lot of hate speak signs (eg f**k Jabcinda) when we really need to also send more descriptive messages to those watching MSM who really don't know what this is about. Even mum finally piped up yesterday and said "what's all this protest stuff going on anyway? I don't even know what it's about." An example where the message is not getting though and it looks like people wanting to kick up a fuss for fun. A lot of people just make up their own mind and get on with their life ignoring it. We need to use this air time to se…

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