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Protesters attempt to break police line at Parliament: the Truth Behind the Headlines

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

(Updated 10 am 10/02/22)

I've had several messages like this over the last few days:

"Everyone I know thinks the protesters are wankers, theres enough of them parking in the middle of the road and hurling abuse to tarnish their image as a whole, people arent differentiating... and you havent been able to separate yourself from the wankers".

Watch here at about 2 minutes; thugs for cops. That looks like assault to me.

Live feed:

If there is one thing we can agree on, we are a divided country now, and things could get very nasty, and quickly. If, and when they do get nasty, there is only one lot to blame and it is the Government and the Opposition Parties.

A lot of people have been hurt and a lot more will be, and the fabric of this beautiful society is being torn to shreds. It is official: there have been almost 2,000 excess deaths that coincide with the vaccine rollout. There are too many coincidences. I'll write about this shortly in another article. I have to because Mainstream Media (MSM) have not said a word about these deaths.

Is that really true that the occupiers are a violent and abusive mob or is this another media beat-up? Well, Alofa and I have been at the occupation each day and the following pictorial report is about what we have experienced. I even looked for the wankers.


Yes, there was an incident: at 3 pm yesterday, when a member of the public, an engineer by trade, attempted to serve the Minister of Health, Andrew Little, with an arrest warrant, Police Case Number 220203/2237, for allegedly committing crimes against the people of New Zealand. I'm not a legal expert by I understand it was the duty of the NZ Police, upon accepting this man's claim, last week to serve the Minister of Health with a summons, yet they have done nothing, and the whereabouts of the Minister was unknown. He appeared to be hiding.

Overkill, if you ask me, and only adding to tensions.

So, at 3 pm yesterday, as promised, our engineer attempted to do what he is legally entitled to do, and that is to walk up the steps of Parliament and serve the summons, assuming the Minister is there.

New Zealand: no longer a free country when we have this.

You can judge for yourself what happened next by watching this video. As you watch, I'd ask you whether we still live in a free society where our politicians and public servants are accountable to the people they serve?

If they'd have let this one man through, to walk up the steps and knock on the door, there would have been nothing else to report, other than the dancing.


People are angry and frustrated, and I do not blame them. Many of the people camped in Parliament grounds and many more back home in their towns from one end of the is country to the other have lost their jobs and some their businesses: Some have vaccine-injured family members and friends; some fatal. I can understand why they would upend their families and drive all the way to Wellington to camp in Parliament grounds, despite the discomfort.

My friend, Lynette all the way from Rotorua

Lynette's humble abode for the week: it's going to rain tonight!


My obligatory pose!

And the obligatory shot of a really cool bike, and my Simon:


Many of these people went along with the Government only to suffer adverse reactions, or for their businesses to fail, or both. To add insult to injury, they are ignored, discarded to the margins of society, as collateral damage against a bug that, for most people is not much more than a sniffle.

My friend Ernest:

Despite their anger and frustration, the place was filled with love!

more police
MSM reports do not accurately match with what Alofa and I are experiencing on the ground.

Peace and love, brothers and sisters!

I loved this beautiful person! She set the right tone for a protest.


There appears no end in sight as New Zealand lags behind as the rest of the world opens up; Instead, our leaders are coming down harder on our citizens, including targeting our Little Ones who have the least to fear from this virus. I can understand their sense of alarm and urgency, I feel the same way.

The speeches and music are about peace, love and justice.

These are lovely people from all walks of life who want New Zealand back and they want their Government to protect their children, not harm them.

My partner, Alofa, enjoys a most delicious gift.

One of the biggest disappointments about this entire drawn-out pandemic is Mainstream Media (MSM). Yes, I can understand why vitriol is directed their way because they deserve it: They lie and distort the truth of what is happening on the ground, and they ignore the messages of love and tolerance while looking down from on high, or sneaking about, behaving like cowards. We've been below their fortress every day of the protest and I've not seen a single MSM reporter has been among us. If they came down with the intention of filing an honest report, they would be welcomed with open arms. How on earth can they tell the truth from where they stand, or by sneaking about amongst us? They have stood up there waiting for the newsworthy shot of an arrest or some other incident in what are many hours of peace and friendship. At 3 pm yesterday, the parapets were chock-full of media because they knew a scuffle with arrests was on their schedule.

Brave media mingle with hostile crowd

The big news of the day should have been about these salt of the earth people, living in this Southern Paradise who have come together as a family. We are not a Team of Five Million, we are a Family (important distinctions here!).

The generosity of ordinary Kiwis!

A member of the public turned up unannounced and gave these happy campers a box of beer. We were tempted to join them, but we know the rules about drinking and riding!


Are these really the scary people MSM are making them out to be?

Alofa and I have lost a few friends over our stance, but we have made many more and they are genuine and generous friends and not "Fair Weather Friends" who take more than they give and who abandon their friends when the going gets tough.


They have our backs and we have theirs!


You might not like, or agree with their messages, but we sure liked the people: How could anyone fear such lovely people?


camper van
There are occasions when bad language is appropriate and this on one!

wasp nest

There is nothing to fear of these people who have come from all around New Zealand to ask our Government to stop harming people, especially our Tamariki. Take a look at these scenes:


Beautiful women with beautiful genes: why would they ever dream of injecting poison?


This guy sure could sing!


And we even had a poet!


This says it all:


Let's finish this pictorial report with a couple of the cutest dogs you'll ever meet!


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More Photos here:

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