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The Media: New Zealand's version of a Black Hole

black hole

When I think of Black Holes, I think of physics and astronomy, and I also think of the infamous prison cell, the Black Hole of Calcutta in which, of 146 British prisoners only 26 survived their overnight ordeal. That was in June 1756.

black hole

New Zealand has a hybrid of these Black Holes: it is one that sucks in the truth which is never to be seen or heard of ever again! This Black Hole is the New Zealand Mainstream Media (MSM).


My friend, Simon, famous for his cycling and guitar abilities is now New Zealand's black hole expert and here is how he describes this astonishing and breath-taking wonder of the Universe:


Morning Gary,

I need to express my disbelief regarding the state of NZ official News Media at this crucial time when the world is changing, to be more precise I am referring to the "lack" of true media coverage here in NZ. I have been watching this slow and calculated black hole widening for some time now and I am meaning years here but more recently the Media is so specifically sifted for our consumption that the people of New Zealand are as it were are now in the black hole too!

I want to give you an example from this week of how truly we are living in the dark regarding world-changing events overseas that Kiwis do not hear about!

I had a chat with some neighbours yesterday at separate times of the day a sort of "over the fence chat" and their conversation all started and proceeded in a very similar way, "I don't think this year is going to be any better than last year" said Philipa, looks like we are destined for more trouble and more issues at work and we might even lose our jobs if the Covid gets to even one of us all will have to shut down, Philipa is a Chemist in a busy local pharmacy, "I am so tired off all this when will it end"?