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The Media: New Zealand's version of a Black Hole

black hole

When I think of Black Holes, I think of physics and astronomy, and I also think of the infamous prison cell, the Black Hole of Calcutta in which, of 146 British prisoners only 26 survived their overnight ordeal. That was in June 1756.

black hole

New Zealand has a hybrid of these Black Holes: it is one that sucks in the truth which is never to be seen or heard of ever again! This Black Hole is the New Zealand Mainstream Media (MSM).


My friend, Simon, famous for his cycling and guitar abilities is now New Zealand's black hole expert and here is how he describes this astonishing and breath-taking wonder of the Universe:


Morning Gary,

I need to express my disbelief regarding the state of NZ official News Media at this crucial time when the world is changing, to be more precise I am referring to the "lack" of true media coverage here in NZ. I have been watching this slow and calculated black hole widening for some time now and I am meaning years here but more recently the Media is so specifically sifted for our consumption that the people of New Zealand are as it were are now in the black hole too!

I want to give you an example from this week of how truly we are living in the dark regarding world-changing events overseas that Kiwis do not hear about!

I had a chat with some neighbours yesterday at separate times of the day a sort of "over the fence chat" and their conversation all started and proceeded in a very similar way, "I don't think this year is going to be any better than last year" said Philipa, looks like we are destined for more trouble and more issues at work and we might even lose our jobs if the Covid gets to even one of us all will have to shut down, Philipa is a Chemist in a busy local pharmacy, "I am so tired off all this when will it end"?

My second conversation is with John a business owner with many staff and already struggling with the unavailability of most of the products required to operate his business, John- "I hope we don't get the Omicron it will devastate our business I'm already worried that I'm going to have to let staff go as we don't have enough materials to keep up with demand and it looks like we might have to stay in this red light phase for the whole year if we are going to keep Omicron at bay! we will have to get more boosters to keep us safe and all my staff! We really can't afford to get this killer disease at work!

Both Philipa and John are fully vaxxed and boosted but they are both scared of catching Omicron, they are scared of the variant of Covid 19 that many countries and eminent doctors around the world have studied the statistics and announced that this is indeed a much lesser dangerous variant the stats are out! But neither Philipa nor John has read or heard anything in the NZ media that informs them that this is the case, neither have they heard, read or seen any of the news from the UK about the UK Govt. dropping all mandates for NHS workers (100,000 NHS staff) nor have they heard about Canadian truckers and now masses of Canadian citizens marching on the capital a 70 km long protest against mandates and now against the Govt. itself They knew nothing of Sweden's Govt. deciding against vaccinating 5 - 11-year-olds as "the benefits do not outweigh the risks" nor had they any knowledge that Denmark has announced that the pandemic is over and is now a mere endemic so all restriction and any mandates have been lifted there! Kiwis are in the dark!

Philipa and John are normal intelligent hard-working Kiwis that watch the mainstream news here in NZ but they are being kept in the dark regarding important world news that would undoubtedly help to inform them regarding the current severity of the "pandemic" and the world reactions to the same and relevant current events that are directly related to our own situation here in NZ, no doubt would have them asking questions! We are supposed to ask questions!!

When I told them just a few things that I have been following worldwide, they were shocked and wanted to know where they could go to see what is happening outside New Zealand borders! I told them they would have to look for overseas news reporting sources again; they were shocked even to imagine they did not hear these newsworthy reports via NZ media!

This is shameful both from our media and from the govt. This has to be addressed and changed so that this situation can never happen again! The people need to realise that the mainstream media has a responsibility to question all sides honestly, and it has to provide balanced and well-reported news from all over the world. A Govt should never sponsor mainstream media. A responsible Govt. should take measures to distance itself from any invested financial interests in the Mainstream media! The people need to be able to trust the Media, and they should own it both mentally and physically and realise that the media has to be their safety net!

Suppose we don't have free and honest Mainstream media. In that case, we will always, at best, skirt around the rim of a very dark information chasm that can and likely will be by intent or omission will/can result in easily deceiving the people!

I cannot believe how intelligent people are being manipulated in our country, and this is just a part of our lost freedoms. If we had open and honest media, would we have the mess we have now? At least the Philipa's and the John's could make better-informed decisions. Unfortunately, NZ has many poorly informed Philipas and Johns!

I think there is a section of our society that has its "radars" tuned in, but most people are too trusting in our media. The media needs to relearn its job to ask questions and inform the public. Hopefully, as a part of the pandemic's post mortem, we will address this issue and others. I can only hope!



It's hosing down outside, and too wet for a safe bike ride, so it will have to be a run today. I need a mental break. So, I'll put the shoes on and get outside for a wet one!

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