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The Freedom Convoy arrives in Wellington this morning!

Be there!


Received from the Freedom Alliance:

Sign holding to welcome convoy tomorrow morning

Hi all

As you all know, the convoy is coming to Wellington tomorrow. As we are the home of the Yellow signs we think it's appropriate we hold up our signs as a welcoming gesture to the convoy.

Meet at 7.30am at the Ngati Toa Domain on the Mana Esplanade

We are also going to set up a table with tea, coffee and scones to give to the people in the convoy as they drive (slowly presumably) past us. Please come along and help if you possibly can. We will need as many people as possible to hold signs and help with tea and coffee. Most of us will then head into town to be at the protest in Wellington.

Please RSVP so we have some idea of numbers. And here's a good uplifting video on the convoy to share with everyone you know.


Live Stream here:


Just in:

"FYI- Resistance Kiwi will be on the Paremata overbridge south of the roundabout at 7 am Tues morn to support the ConvoyNZ2022 coming through if you’re keen to join us.

Also, there is a food and supplies drop-off HQ at 143 Grant Road Thorndon if you or anyone you know would like to donate food, drink etc to the convoy drivers of which it’s looking like there will be MANY! Cheers and pass this on to anyone else you think would be keen to get involved".

This freedom convoy, coming to Wellington, from the South and the North, has gone ahead and gathered huge momentum despite a near-complete media blackout.

Alofa and I are taking the day off to be at Parliament. Be there, or be square!

Some sources of information and updates:

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