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An Open Letter to New Zealand Citizens from Dr Robert Malone

Updated: Feb 12, 2022



This is an emergency email because things are threatening to get very ugly soon at Parliament when the police and the army move in on the Freedom Occupiers. If brute force is used then all hell may break loose since there are many people present who have nothing more to lose and they are not alone; hundreds of thousands of Kiwis don't just feel disenfranchised, but are now treated as second-class citizens and dehumanised. I hope like hell that good sense will prevail and everyone will remain calm. These people who have lost so much will return to their homes throughout the country and with their friends and supporters of which there are many more than at Parliament, there will be violence. If you think I'm being alarmist, my answer is you had better wake up.

The Government is giving these people no option: We win everything and you lose the lot!

The solution is for Trevor Mallard to quietly call for a meeting with a delegation representing those camping on the grounds and to negotiate a win-win resolution to the stand-off. This might involve a gradual easing of the mandates, beginning with a cessation of the vaccinating of children, since the rapidly-evolving science supports that and perhaps also scrapping the Vaccine Pass. After all, this is what the rest of the world is doing and we don't want to get left too far behind don't we? In return, everyone packs up and goes home, and the police can get back to dealing with real crime, instead of a bunch of people dancing and singing and messing up the grass. We urgently need leadership on this matter, initiated by, well, our leaders so that a face-saving compromise is worked out and shaken on.

I've taken the liberty, due to the urgency, of fully cutting and pasting the Open Letter to Canadian Truckers by Dr Robert Malone, one of the developers of mRNA technology. Just remove the words "Canada" and replace "Justin Trudeau" with "Jacinda Adern" and the letter is perfect for New Zealand!


My name is Robert Malone, and I am a United States-based Physician and Scientist.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. The simple truths are what matter most. Honest words, spoken from the heart, can change the world.

We should not have politicized the public health response to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

And Justin Trudeau should have focused on managing the actual ground truth of COVID-19 instead of following the script provided to him by the leadership of the World Economic Forum.

I am a physician and a scientist now, and I am highly trained and experienced in developing vaccines and other medicines.

But I have also been a carpenter and a farm hand, and I still work my farm. I drive a GMC dually diesel flatbed, a Kubota farm tractor, and can run a skidloader or drive a team of Percheron horses. I have shown my Percheron foals at the Royal Winter Fair. By the original meaning, I am a teamster.

I come to you with an open heart, committed to healing, bringing three simple words.

Integrity. Dignity. Community.

These are three simple words that ring like bells in the heart of honest people.

Benito Mussolini once said “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of the state and corporate power.”

In the actions of the governments of Ottawa and Canada, we are now able to clearly see the previously hidden face of global Fascist totalitarianism, by which I mean the fusion of the power of large corporations with the power of the State- as Facism has been defined by Mussolini.

We are now seeking shocking signals of desperation from our globalist, corporatist opponents. The incompetence of the Party of Davos is becoming plain for all to see.

1) For the first time, we can clearly see that they are willing and able to collude with Silicon Valley to weaponize the banking system against us.

Taking 10 million US Dollars from a political fundraising campaign is something that most of us could not have imagined two years ago.

Clearly, this has backfired, because its exposed to everyone that there is an unnatural coordination between government, the information technology sector, and the banks.

And now we have direct video evidence of this collusion from the infamous Zoom call recording documenting the involvement of the Government and Mayor of Ottawa.

2) The censorship is ramping up, and our opponents are no longer really trying to justify it.

The attacks on Joe Rogan are truly a desperate act.

To attack the most beloved media icon in North America has so much downside and again, shows they are coordinating.


And now we know that Neil Young has a financial conflict of interest because of the large investment bank that owns about half of the financial rights for his song catalog.

This strategy is backfiring - Joe Rogan is still strong, and the central pharmaceutical and banking system hated more than ever. It will take more than Neil Young to shut down Joe Rogan.