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An Urgent Call Out to NZ Veterans

Updated: Mar 17

An Urgent Call Out to NZ Veterans - Veteran Mark Nicolls Asks for Reinforcements in Wellington, New Zealand. Please share this.

On Sunday, just before the Freedom Village stood before Parliament to sing the National Anthem, an unusual thing happened: a Police "Grab Squad" of six to eight officers came out. They stood centrally behind the regular police lineup. There was also extra media activity on high. We wondered what was up? We found out a few moments later.

They blasted terrible, screeching music at us from the Parliament balconies as we began to sing. I guess it was supplied to the NZ authorities by either the CCP or North Korea, developed to torture political prisoners.

Playing screechy music over the National Anthem outraged the crowd. Fortunately, nobody rushed the barriers to try to turn it off. If anyone had, then the Government propagandist would have had their Kiwi version of the Far-right storming of Congress in the USA. If this had happened, it might have been game over for us.

What is happening is not what to expect from democratic leadership, especially one that claims daily to be caring and uniting. So we wonder what this Government has next for us all. One thing for sure is this: they will not negotiate: for them, there is no compromise, they refer to us as second-class people, and they treat us that way. So here's the deal they offer us:

"We win - you lose, and we take everything, including your genes!"

We, therefore, support Veteran Mark Nicholls' call to other veterans to come to Wellington to stand tall to protect the courageous men, women and children who stand in peace before their Parliament. Unfortunately, Mark Nicholls is right; the people we elected to serve us are now running a tyranny.


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1 Comment

Feb 15, 2022

My heart breaks for the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who have died in wars during the past century to protect our personal freedom. But I can't begin to imagine the pain of those who survived and are still alive to see it being ripped away by our own elected parliament which is entrusted with our protection. Thank you, dear Mark Nicholls, for your brave and inspiring stand. God bless you.

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