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The Freedom Village: How GOOD prevails over EVIL

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Restoring the innocence of childhood.

Newton's Law of Motion states: "that the time rate of change of the momentum of a body is equal in both magnitude and direction to the force imposed on it."

Proton-electron, night - dark, night-day, hot-cold, positive-negative, free-prison, male-female, negative-positive, yin-yang, conservative-liberal, love-hate: these are all examples of the law of equal opposites that rules the universe, including life, humanity and society. Got the idea?


Life-Death: when there is disorder and chaos, there is too much misery and death, whereas, when there is order, there is life, love and joy. At this time in history, evil and death dominate, threatening not just humanity, but all life on Earth.

We've had two years of being terrorised and conditioned by evil propaganda to fear other people and for many, for the last six months, treated as vile outcasts of society.

child mask

If evil is present, then there must also be good. Right now, there is too much evil on Earth and not enough Good, which includes love and kindness: of course!

When the dark forces of EVIL get the upper hand, GOOD will inevitably respond with equal and opposite force, so that, once again, equilibrium is restored within the Universe.

Unfortunately, there is always a delay before good reacts, and this is where we find ourselves today: Evil prevails, but Good is now rising, but it ain't pleasant right now, but it will pass as surely as night turns to day.

The darkest and coldest hour is always the one before dawn.


This is the way of life, Earth and the Universe: So the balance between good and evil will inevitably be restored where it has been lost. Actually, good was never lost, it was always here, concealed within our hearts. Good, and all that it represents will be restored, but it requires a helping hand from, well, good people! The only question is how long will it take to be fully restored? It will not be very long at all if I have my way! How about you?

The Freedom Village is evolving organically, as all living things do. The fertile ground of freedom seeded with the first tent is now a thriving community of love and joy. Come down to Parliament and see for yourself, but you must bring your family with you.


In true Newtonian fashion, the Freedom Village village confronts and counters the evil within our Parliament, and the lies and hatred it exudes. Love, joy and innocence, which confront evil are best seen in the children.

The village is our beacon of hope penetrating the cold darkness that presently grips this country; and the rest of the world for that matter.

Life! The Generosity of mankind.

This is our renaissance! Grasp freedom and do not let it go!


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