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Message to the Freedom Movement: If you don't consolidate your votes, we're all doomed!

Updated: Apr 5

As predicted, the fledgling "freedom" parties are self-destructing. This was inevitable, since history tells us the time, cost, and complexity of infrastructure needed to build a political party from scratch is almost insurmountable: It takes many years and millions of dollars and, still, failure is still the most likely outcome with even the best of efforts and support.

Also, any party that cannot get past 5% of the Party Vote, or get at least one MP through the Electorate Vote, is a wasted option. In fact, as explained by Roger below, a protest vote can end up being a vote for those you most dislike!

No matter how sensible their policies may be, or how much you might like their people, if a party can't get past these critical voter thresholds, they must, for the sake of our futures, step aside and actively encourage voters to support the party that best represents our interests and is the most likely to get at least several MPs into Parliament.

There's no place in this election for egos or self-interest within these fledgeling parties — they'll take us all down with them. Don't let this happen!

You don't have to make a final decision about where to cast your two votes until the moment you tick the boxes, but, increasingly, New Zealand First is looking like being our best option. Even if this party isn't your first choice, please read on to get a better understanding of why I am backing NZ First, and why freedom parties are non-options for these national elections, but not necessarily for future ones. Yes - keep your parties going, but don't split the vote. Instead, use the next three years to build it's infrastructure.

Voters United wrote about this shock announcement by NZ Loyal:

NZ Loyal in regard to omission of Party List Candidates

It will come as a shock to many of the NZ Loyal team and supporters in our membership to find that the Party has only secured three list MPs. After all the hard work that went into this late registration it would have come as a hard blow. We have extracted this short 2 minute statement of explanation from the longer 30 minute video found on their FB page. The beckoning question: If NZ Loyal were to achieve 150,000 votes, would having only two MP’s in parliament be a bitter pill to swallow for their supporters?

Party list

I received these messages yesterday from the Democratic Alliance:

Dear Party Members

We have had a few weeks of intense negotiations and repeated attempts at getting some of the core freedom parties to unite...

Throughout our negotiations with the party leaders, we managed to get some of them close to realising the opportunity for unity. However, they ultimately decided to go alone rather than keeping you, the people, in mind. Unfortunately this will likely mean that the party votes will remain too fragmented to get over the 5% MMP threshold. See the letters to the parties on our website, and listen to our interview on RCR:

At camp freedom in Wellington, we were all united for a common cause - coming together in harmony. We experienced open minds, inclusivity, trust and respect. Sadly, over the last few months things have changed - we have experienced discrediting, labelling, cancelling out individuals or whole groups or parties across the freedom movement. Mistrust and division has become widespread amongst the freedom movement. This must stop. Instead we need to connect with and value people - acknowledging their contribution, and looking for the good in one another to rebuilt trust and value our community. Although we have all been through much, we need to keep united, resilient and strong for what lies ahead.

Last Thursday was Writ Day, which was the last possible day to unite and submit the party list with the Electoral Commission. Given that none of the minor parties wanted to join the Democratic Alliance, we have made the call not to contest this election, to avoid further splitting the votes. Instead we will preserve the party and will work to re-focus and grow the Democratic Alliance between now and the 2026 election.

Please, let us know if you have any additional ideas or suggestions for the DA.

Participate: if you see yourself wanting to participate in building solid foundations for the Democratic Alliance. Then, please contact us at

In addition, for more information on why the parties should unite and a panel discussion with a few freedom party leaders check out some recent videos by Bob McCoskrie here:

Warm regards

Jaap, Joseph & the DA Team


Roger wrote:

Good morning Gary, how are you getting on in the political world?

The way I see it, Labour, National and a little Act is getting all the attention, Winston gets a little showing while they try and laugh him off.

The small parties are getting nothing, most people wouldn't know who Liz Gunn is?

The problem is those who don't make the 5% last time the votes given to those who didn't make it was divided up 5 seats to labour, 3 seats to Nat and 1 each to 3 minor parties, IF the 5 + 3 seats given to L and N had been given to smaller parties things would be different, OBVIOUSLY those wasted votes [govt says they were not wasted as they were counted, BUT OBVIOUSLY those wasted votes didnt want either L or N in power, or wanted a smaller party to at least put some pressure on the big players.

So poll day is getting closer, are we going to get indicators to show which minorities are getting good voting power? So people can run with maybe not their first choice, BUT a party with a similar outlook?

Some people will vote the way their parents voted [thinking is painful].

Others will see the poll results on TV leading up to the day and vote for the one showing the strongest poll [they want to back the winner] whatever the outcome, This limited information is doing a lot of harm, and the country is going backwards in a rush.

I read what I can, Family First, helpful little book, but few read it, and they dont push any [ or group of minority parties ] SHAME.

Good luck. Cheers Roger



Unless we unite behind New Zealand First, oppressive laws and programmes, currently hidden in the backdrops, will kick into high gear after the election. Of that, it's guaranteed.

Whether there is a change of government or not, the only thing that'll change if National and ACT prevail will be the flavour of the icing topping this foul cake and the pace of change may slow.

We are talking about programmes and laws such as the sexualisation of our children from preschool age, Co-Governance, Three Waters, GMO, and GE for plant, animal and human beings — Hate Speech Laws, the politicisation of the media, the UN's 2030 goals — the UN's Pandemic Treaty — the WEF's Great Reset, 15 minute cities, the ending of cash transactions, the assault on farmers from every angle imaginable, the dismantling of our energy security, plus the ongoing centralisation of power.

Don't be naive or complacent: There's a horrific worldwide conspiracy to suppress free speech — digital slavery, and it's coming to NZ, following the elections, courtesy of Saint Jacinda's Christchurch Call:

A doctor sent me the following article and video, saying this:

"The video is so appalling in its attack on individuals such as the media cordinated attack on RB….you might need some anti-stress anti-emetics:"

Let's be clear: All sitting MPs have betrayed us, and they no longer work in the best interests of this country, once known as Godzone — they've lost their mandate to represent the people.

For starters, the Therapeutic Products Act must go — it must be thrown out in its entirety and not merely tinkered with, as will happen under National and ACT. This act is the Trojan Horse for the introduction of unregulated GE and GMO into NZ, while forcing health professionals like myself out of business with threats of five years jail, a two million dollar fine, and the confiscation of our assets. Affordable and accessable natural health is doomed if this act isn't repealed. People's only choice will be patent drugs, most probably a cocktail of gene-altering mRNA poisons.

Facilities for the mass production of these drugs in New Zealand are ready and the only thing holding them back now is for the Government to push the start button. That will be next year, and its for plant, animal and human use. Farmers beware!

Winston and his NZF team share our concerns about all of the above issues, so we are backing them, but we must give them the numbers to wield enough influence over policy to make a difference.

Action to take immediately

  1. Join NZF and get involved with the party — when you become the party, the party becomes you! Your joining the party and getting involved in its workings is our best insurance that we'll get things done.

  2. Cast your party vote for NZF and your electorate vote for the candidate who best represents your interests as a citizen of NZ.

  3. As Roger outlines in his letter above, don't vote for a party that has no show of getting past the 5% threshold, or getting at least one electorate seat.

  4. Encourage at least three other people to do the same (1–4).

Our adversaries have been effective in sowing division across New Zealand, including within the freedom movement, but we won't let them triumph. It's time for us to unite and stand together as one. Our power lies in combining our votes and throwing our support behind a single party, that isz past the 5% threshold, and that party is NZF.

Victory is within our reach, but it requires us to act as a united force. So, let's turn our words into action — the time to act is now! Together, we can make a difference.

Here's the real New Zealanders that I identify with — not the horrible, greedy, narcissists who seek to divide and conquer us — go Aly and your delightful backing singers!

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