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Don't get Sucked In by the Last-Minute Hit Jobs!

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Cowardly Blows below the Belt

Highly questionable, unethical hit jobs, riddled with misrepresentations and inuendo, are being levelled at Winston Peters and NZ First by elements within the so-called Freedom Movement (I won't flatter them by linking to any of their material). The timing of their releases, so close to when polling closes, leaves no room for a fair response. Their actions are appalling, difficult to understand, and do nothing other than undermine all that people within the freedom movement have worked hard for over the last two years.

Winston's attackers are urging us to vote for the 1% parties, while viciously attacking the leader of the only one that is over 5%. If people follow their advice, we will have no representation in Parliament at all!

If we don't unite, we fail!

Why the minor parties must unite

NZDSOS wrote the following, referring to the election policies of the "minor" parties:

It is time to be very pragmatic and look for a party supporting publicly all the above, but with a realistic chance of gaining enough power to stop the juggernaut we have all been fighting since 2020.

Please take a few minutes to read the entire NZDSOS article here:

Winston is True to his Word

Winston is reliable. Let's not forget that Winston Peters' unwavering commitment to the natural health industry dates to 2007, and he's our only hope for rolling back the Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) which will adversely affect not just the natural health sector of New Zealand but every person who values the health of their families. This Act prepares the way for the wholesale introduction of compulsory mRNA vaccinations for everyone and for every ailment under the sun. In addition, the TPA is an existential threat to natural health practitioners and natural health products, leaving consumers with no health choices other than allopathic medicine, including pharmaceuticals. If you don't want this, I'll tell you this — none of the incumbent parties, including National and Act, are going to stop it - they're all for it and think GE of all our farm animals, is going to save us from global boiling!

We need an open and full discussion of the science and ethics of these technologies before letting the Genie out of the bottle. But it's not happening. For example, the Therapeutic Products Bill was quietly passed into law in late July 2023, to little fanfare despite 16,500 mostly negative submissions and the months of criticism. It was passed into law, merely weeks after the hearings ended. So much for consultation!

Getting enough NZ First MPs into Parliament to overturn this odious Act and restore free speech is your only hope.

A Political Party is a Lot More than just its Leader

It's crucial to remember that NZ First is more than just Winston, and more so nowadays. Take a closer look at the party's candidates, many of whom I consider friends, and one I've had the privilege of collaborating with on various matters since about 1980. These individuals aren't only good-hearted but genuinely have our best interests at heart.

Let's wrest our country back from the Kleptoglobalists!

The real question we should be asking ourselves is this: If we don't support Winston and his fellow MPs, what alternative are we left with? Are we willing to cast our votes for fringe parties that barely make up 1% of the vote? Doing so would hand our beloved country over to Kleptoglobalists who want to own everything, including your body and mind.


PS: I struggled to find the right noun to describe the people behind the takeover of NZ and elsewhere, so here's a new one for the dictionary:

Kleptoglobalist (noun):

A term that refers to individuals, groups, or entities, often within the sphere of international finance or politics, who are perceived as engaging in global-scale corruption and embezzlement, while simultaneously promoting or benefiting from a system of globalization and international economic interconnectedness. Kleptoglobalists are typically accused of exploiting the global financial system for personal gain or the gain of a select few, regardless of its broader consequences.

Example in a sentence: The investigative report uncovered a network of kleptoglobalists who had siphoned off billions of dollars from nations, revealing the extent of their exploitation of global financial mechanisms for personal enrichment.


If you want Security, then Join the Party!

If there's a lingering doubt about Winston's trustworthiness, I strongly urge you to consider joining the party and actively participating in its inner workings. This is precisely what we've chosen to do, as we believe in shaping the party from within, guaranteeing that our values and concerns are given the attention they deserve.

Michael, the future of our nation is at stake, and it's imperative that we stand united to safeguard it. Let's not underestimate the impact of our collective voices and involvement. Together, we can make a difference that truly matters.

Let's not fall at the last hurdle.


Before we finish, let's lighten things up with the magic of artificial intelligence:

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