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Why Minor Parties must Unite: The Game-Changer Interview!

Updated: Apr 5

In my original article, I wrote: "As predicted, the fledgling "freedom" parties are self-destructing. This was inevitable, since history tells us the time, cost, and complexity of infrastructure needed to build a political party from scratch is almost insurmountable: It takes many years and millions of dollars and, still, failure is still the most likely outcome with even the best of efforts and support."

It's generated quite a response, including reproduction on media such as the BFD here:

And here's the interview that ensues, courtesy of Paul Brennan of RCR radio.

Please note a small correction: In the interview, I said that the legislation was quickly passed into law the morning there was a shooting on a downtown Auckland building site. This wasn't quite accurate: the TP Bill had its final reading the night before the shootings. But it remains correct that the focus by all mainstream media on the shootings meant the Bill became law without most people noticing this.

Going by the response, this interview is a game-changer:

Image of RCR Radio

And here's a great article in response to this latest interview:

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