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The Clock Is Ticking: The Urgent Need for Action on the WHO Treaty

Updated: Apr 6

(Updated 16 November, 2023)

Hour Glass

As we navigate the complexities of the Therapeutic Products Act and its potential impact on New Zealand's natural health industry, there is another critical issue that demands immediate attention. New Zealand First has pledged to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) Treaty, a decision that has far-reaching implications. However, the pressing question remains: have we run out of time?

The WHO Treaty, shrouded in secrecy and negotiated behind closed doors by unelected bureaucrats, has raised concerns about transparency, accountability, and its potential impact on our nation's health policies and sovereignty. With the treaty scheduled for ratification on the first of December, the window for action is rapidly closing.

New Zealand First's commitment to withdraw from the treaty is a bold stance that reflects concerns about the lack of democratic decision-making and the need to safeguard our nation's values and preferences. However, the imminent ratification date poses a challenge. The process of withdrawal from an international treaty is intricate and typically necessitates a careful and considered approach.

Time is of the essence, and the question lingers: can New Zealand effectively withdraw from the WHO Treaty before its ratification date? The answer may hinge on the expediency of the withdrawal process and the extent to which the government can mobilise its efforts to enact this decision.

In light of the rapidly approaching deadline, it is imperative that the New Zealand government and its elected representatives take immediate action to fulfill this pledge. The consequences of the WHO Treaty, should it be ratified, are significant and may impact our health choices and national sovereignty.

In conclusion, New Zealand First's commitment to withdraw from the WHO Treaty is a commendable step in safeguarding our nation's democratic values and principles. However, with the ratification date just around the corner, the urgency of this endeavor cannot be overstated.

Time is running out, and the clock is ticking. It is essential that the government expeditiously takes the necessary actions to fulfill this pledge and protect the well-being and sovereignty of New Zealanders.

Here are my calls to action:

  1. Support Kirsten Murfitt's Petition: To make your voice heard and advocate for transparency and accountability in the negotiation of the WHO Treaty, consider signing Kirsten Murfitt's petition. You can sign the petition at this link.

  2. Join New Zealand First: If you share concerns about the WHO Treaty and believe in safeguarding New Zealand's democratic values, consider joining New Zealand First. Your participation and involvement can contribute to strengthening the party's stance and efforts. You can join and get involved with New Zealand First by visiting their website.

By taking these actions, you can play an active role in advocating for your beliefs and principles, contributing to a more transparent and accountable governance process, and preserving the well-being and sovereignty of New Zealand.


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Nov 06, 2023

It is very creepy how they are trying to put this through by stealth. Write to the Luxon, Seymour and Winston and tell them we don't want it!

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 06, 2023
Replying to

Winston is aware and, I understand, will be encouraging Luxon to hold off to buy us time.

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