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Gary Moller on the Election, Lost Opportunities, Life and Where to Now?

Updated: Apr 6

On the air radio image

Yesterday afternoon, RCR host, Cameron Slater, interviewed me in what became a wide-ranging discussion. I enjoyed Cameron's relaxed style which is the norm for the radio station.

Here is the direct link to my interview with Cameron:

Feedback from listeners:

"Thank you again for joining us and sharing your thoughts. It was thoroughly enjoyed by our audience, here is a sample of the feedback we received:"

~ Gary and give me hope!

~ Cam. Really enjoyed listening to your talk with Gary Moller this evening. You both make so much sense. The bits of health advise from Gary was also helpful. Thankyou yo you all at RCR, as always love listening, Patricia

~ Hi Cam, I'm listening to your interview with Gary Moller and what an inspiring interview it has been. I am not sure if I could go and join the national party or worm tongue seamores party but I am going to get involved with NZF on a local level. This has been the best of the crunch so far so it's going to be hard to raise the bar any further in my opinion. Well done Cam and keep up the great work. Cheers, Mike

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