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Where's the Conferences?

Updated: Apr 6

As the new administration takes office, we mustn't let them overlook the thousands of compassionate New Zealanders, as well as those pressured into taking a trial medication, who have since passed away or been hurt.

Indeed, fatalities, including miscarriages, sterility, handicap, and sickness are all at record highs and don't appear to be decreasing soon, and don't let anyone solely attribute the fault to the laboratory-disseminated bioweapon, which is bad enough — most of the responsibility can be laid at the door of the remedy - another bioweapon — and the physicians who administered it and who support the falsehoods and deceit. Yes, it's time to hold them accountable for their misdeeds.

Time for politicians to get their heads out of the sand:

What additional evidence do our leaders need to acknowledge that they made an error and start doing all they can to fix it?

An independent and comprehensive investigation into the impact of the coronavirus is required, given the necessary power to proceed with legal action. In the interim, the government must acknowledge it has a widespread emergency and deploy every available resource to address the unparalleled health calamity affecting the nation.

Medical experts who haven't been ignoring the issue think things may get much worse.

However, I don't think much is going to change with this new government unless NZ First gains significantly more seats with the counting of the Special Votes, and that's unlikely.

More of the same — Doubling down on Stupid (or, should that be "Evil"?):

The reason I'm writing this article, and forcefully so, is I fear that the new government is going to ignore the mass of red flags waving in front of them, and they'll support plans for the wholesale injecting of more and more experimental gene therapies into its citizens, including pregnant women and babies.

Unless the government acts now, this will most certainly happen starting in the early part of next year, probably beginning with mandated mRNA jabs for a variety of diseases like influenza, RSV, HPV, and measles. Let us put a stop to the madness — it's time for all of us to come together, and talk openly about the science and ethics of these experimental technologies over a cup of tea.

An Urgent Call to Action:

It's time for respectful debates, allowing the open participation of all parties and all points of view, including the public and internationally recognised experts, thus building unity and consensus for the best way forward.

It's been over two years since the start of the pandemic and hundreds of thousands of research studies have been made available. So what can you do?

Why don't you arrange a meeting with your Member of Parliament to share this idea:

What if the government held recurring international public meetings to assess the science and morals regarding the nation's pandemic response, including genetic engineering technologies, with the goal of gaining a unanimous national opinion on the optimal courses of action?

Meet in person and ask if they are also open to the concept of suspending implementing genetically modified technologies for plant, human, and animal use while the consultation and review is being conducted?

Let us know what their response is, by reporting in the comments section of this post. Appreciate it!

Note: To their great credit, NZDSOS, an independent doctors organisation, organised a Truth, Justice & Healing Conference in September of this year, but 99 percent of New Zealanders, including MPs, wouldn't know of it because of the media blackout. Instead, we need a series of conferences exploring every aspect of the science and ethics of all things COVID and genetic engineering, and broadcast for viewing via dedicated channels.


Further Information:

The Royal Commission of Inqiury that hardly anyone knows about won't cut it:

In case people still do not understand what an mRNA "Vaccine" is:

My friend in Germany, Ulf Martin, sent me the video that follows. It makes good use of satire to get the point across while avoiding the censors.

Here's his website, which is worth checking out.

From the video:

"Are you or a loved one suffering from a medical coincidence? You want

proper medical care, but you don’t want people sniffing around asking a

whole bunch of questions about what might be causing your problem. At

the Kaufman Institute for Coincidence we won’t look into the cause of

your heart or other problem, we’ll just fix it. That’s right, we promise

to only look at your symptoms."

"Give your coincidence the attention it deserves, but not the wrong kind

of attention, at Kaufman. Schedule your appointment today at and receive a doctor’s note with real sciency

sounding explanation to provide to your anti-vax friends, proving to

them it was definitely not the vaccine that caused your coincidence.

Kaufman: Because coincidences happen… pretty much all the time."

"After my coincidence, I developed rapid onset cognitive objectivity

syndrome. It was very scary. But I called Kaufman! After my

consultation, Kaufman prescribed me one course of oral confirmation bias

therapy. In just 3 short weeks, the disparity between reality and my

perception of reality was not only fully restored, but actually

increased by over 30% and still counting! Thank you Kaufman for giving

me back my cognitive dissonance!"

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