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Are Blood Transfusions no longer Safe?

In it together

What would you rather - the injection or the infection - or how about a transfusion?

I was speaking to a medical doctor about the mRNA vaccines and their use to instruct billions of a person's cells to produce spike protein, which is a protein similar to snake venom, and to do so for at least eight months after its injection into the body. He said something like this:

"Gary, jabbed or not, we're all in this together because live blood analysis shows there's hardly anyone now with healthy blood".

He was referring, of course, to the phenomenon known as "shedding", by which a vaccinated or recently infected person sheds mRNA, virus, and other contaminants that are then absorbed into the bodies of nearby creatures, including people.

At about the same time, I discussed this matter of shedding with whom I reckon is this country's leading authority on the science of COVID, and he said something like this:

"What would you rather; millions of spike protein for a few weeks from the infection, or shedding; or would you rather billions of circulating spike protein for at least several months from an injection of mRNA?"

I don't know about you, but I'll take the infection and the handshake — but never the jab!

(By the way, the evidence is growing by the day that the more jabs, the more the infections — all infections — all diseases!)

Clearing the decks for Emergency Use Authorisation of a drug that's neither safe nor effective

The problem with mRNA as a vaccine is that, in around 20 years, this technology never managed to make it through the usual and tedious safety processes that a new drug is subjected to. Most experimental drugs never make it to market due to safety concerns that are identified, and then many, such as Thalidomide and Vioxx, are removed once on the market due to the emergence of safety concerns. These mRNA jabs leap-frogged all of the safety measures, using the guise of Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA). They did this by eliminating, or defaming all existing treatments, such as artemisia, hydroxy-chloroquinoline (HCQ), and ivermectin, leaving only one intentional treatment option — a dodgy experimental mRNA drug, backed up by harmful mechanical ventilation and patented antiviral medications that maim and kill more than they save. But who cares because this technology is now reaping trillions of dollars for a few super-wealthy "elites" - money extracted from the pockets of hard-working people.

While fiddling with life's God-Script (DNA) raises deep concerns for the health of all of humanity — and all other life forms — and our survival as a species, I won't go into detail here, but please read this:

Deep concerns about mRNA transmission by blood transfusion

I want to present a case study (Permission granted) which raises alarming concerns about a closely related issue — anyone undergoing blood transfusions, who, until now has avoided having mRNA injected into their bodies.

I'll provide an explanation of the significance of her Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, (HTMA), which was done after her blood infusion. But first, I'll give a brief overview of the circumstances that led to her requiring a blood transfusion.

This healthy woman, we'll call her Alice, middle-aged, never mRNA vaccinated, broke her femur in August of last year. Surgery was required and Alice was advised she'd need a blood transfusion. Not being vaccinated, she requested "uncontaminated" blood, even arranging for unvaccinated family members to provide the blood. However, the NZ Blood Service refused. So, unable to negotiate further due to the urgency of her situation, she underwent surgery and the transfusions with what one can assume with more than a 90 percent chance that the blood contained COVID mRNA and spike protein.

Alice sought my assistance because her recovery has been unusually complicated and slow, and for which the only remedies offered are more and more drugs, some with the most dubious safety records. We began with an ARL Laboratories HTMA, which is partially reproduced below.

HTMA Chart
Alice's Nutrient Minerals Chart, post-transfusion

I've reviewed hundreds of HTMA over the last four years since the Wuhan COVID bioweapon was released and the equally harmful mRNA "vaccine" was mandated. The patterns of HTMA have been interesting. What's been common to almost everyone tested is patterns of adrenal fatigue, which is hardly surprising, since the entire population has been beaten up by a steady stream of fear-based health propaganda, lockdowns, and consequent financial hardship for everyone other than Big Pharma, public servants, and their medical collaborators, for whom the pandemic has been a gold rush and opportunity for career advancement, including knighthoods. However, what's been most interesting are the unusual number of cases with HTMA mineral patterns that indicate a person's cells are dying prematurely.

I should add that those in power who mandated that we all get jabbed, issued themselves and their mates over 11,000 exemptions! Did they know something they weren't going to tell us?

The indicators of premature cell death are tell-tale signs of potassium and phosphorus being elevated relative to the lie of the land. In Alice's case, her potassium is alarmingly high, especially in relation to its most important partner, sodium. While her phosphorus isn't that high, it's unusually elevated along with calcium relative to partner minerals such as zinc, chromium, and selenium.

And it just so happens that she received a blood transfusion, likely containing mRNA, instructing her cells to manufacture billions of incredibly toxic spike protein, best compared with snake venom, and which undoubtedly leads to premature cell death.

For more information about the roles and functions of potassium and phosphorus, go here:

I suspect the increased occurrence of these signs of premature cell death is the mRNA jab, and to a much lesser extent, the COVID infection, the possibility of contamination by shedding, and undoubtedly when there's a blood transfusion. This is consistent with our doctor's observation that just about everyone's blood is now abnormal.

Nothing to see here!

three monkeys
Nothing to see here!

I must emphasise that I am speculating, but it's from the observations and speculations of health professionals such as myself who are working at the coal-face of health, that hard research eventually comes. What we need is for scientists to investigate the negative health effects being observed here.

Is there really a link between what I'm observing here and blood transfusions, shedding, and mRNA vaccines?

Sadly, I don't think we'll see any investigations here for a long time. Despite the alarming safety signals of the mRNA jabs causing death and disability on a catastrophic scale, all those responsible for ensuring the health and safety of New Zealanders, including medical and legal regulatory agencies, aren't just turning a blind eye to the carnage, but censoring anyone who speaks out, while destroying them professionally and financially.

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David Blake
09 de jun.

Hi Gary,

Thanks again for your continued effort to spread the word, and to educate those of us that are open to it. Thanks to your efforts and those of others, more and more people are waking up and smelling the coffee.

Keep up your great work.

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