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They're Attacking Us Again!

Updated: Mar 11

Instead of participating in respectful discussions about controversial health topics, some individuals are trying to harm our reputation and company by leaving low ratings on Google.

Here's an example:

This isn't the first time we've faced this kind of attack, but Google has been pleasantly supportive and removed these malicious reviews upon our request.

Aside from persuading Google to take down harmful reviews, a successful approach is to ask our allies, such as yourself, to share glowing 5-star reviews, creating a contradictory outcome to their intentions. This tactic has thwarted their actions in the past and, much to their frustration, has backfired on those attempting to cause us harm.

Would you please consider helping us once more? I'd greatly appreciate it if you could spare just a minute of your time to leave a 5-star review. You don't have to write anything. Simply select the stars, submit, and you're finished.

Here's the link, and may we thank you for your support:

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