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Getting a COVID Booster turns you into a Tired Athlete

Exhausted athletes

"One week after receiving their booster, the athletes repeated the test. Compared to their performance pre-booster, their VO2 max showed, on average, a 2.7 percent decrease."



Recent studies have raised concerns about the mRNA jab's impact on athletic performance, including an unknown number of sudden deaths.

According to a report published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, athletes who received a COVID-19 booster shot experienced a 2.7% decrease in their VO2 max, a measure of the body's maximum oxygen consumption during exercise.

The study involved 28 healthy male and female athletes who received booster shots and were tested for their VO2 max before and after the vaccination. The results showed that their VO2 max decreased by an average of 2.7%, which could affect their endurance sports performance.

While the study results may be concerning for athletes, it's important to note that the sample size was small, and the study didn't explore the potential long-term impact of the booster on athletic performance. It's also worth noting that the decrease in VO2 max may not be solely due to the booster shot, as other factors such as fatigue, stress, and other health conditions can also affect athletic performance.

That said, athlete or not, any drop in VO2 max following the injection of what we now know is an inflammatory clot-inducing toxin is of concern because the decline indicates damage. We don't know precisely what mechanism(s) brings about this decline in oxygen uptake, but we can speculate. It may be a vast combination of spike protein-related harms affecting the blood, mitochondria, liver, kidneys and other organs, among other things, on the long list of possibilities.

A drop of 2.7% may not seem much, but remember that an elite athlete will put in countless hours of training to gain just a fraction of a per cent gain. The difference between winning and losing is often not more than a few heartbeats between competing athletes.

When reading the article above, which refers to the decline in oxygen uptake, bear in mind that a vaccinated athlete has little or no protection from infection by this "vaccine" that is now acknowledged not to prevent infection or transmission. The more boosted a person, the more infections. Go figure that one out!

As a personal observation, as a frequent competitor in mass participation sports, sudden death is far more common, while participation numbers in most events are down, some dramatically, and it appears the overall standard of performance has declined. It is also worth noting that most businesses are experiencing unprecedented absenteeism due to illness and jab-related ill people inundating our emergency and hospital services. Therefore, if measured, a decline in VO2 max in each affected person would be expected.

What concerns me about these things is that we need to know how long this decline in oxygen uptake is. We now know that the mRNA alters a person's DNA, instructing infected cells to manufacture toxic spike protein for at least eight months! This is terrifying and of enormous concern, because we don't know the long-term and intergenerational consequences. We can only speculate, and nothing looks good.

Athletes and coaches should be aware of the potential impact of the booster on their performance. The risk of dying from catching COVID in the wild is minimal for a young person, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting enough rest, and adjusting training schedules for recovery are crucial. If they choose to take the jab or are coerced, they should monitor their symptoms and seek medical attention if they experience unusual side effects.

Finally: Despite everything we now know about how harmful mRNA jabs are, the next round of jabs is being rolled out next week. These toxic drugs are still being promoted as safe and effective, which they are not. It concerns me that acute and chronic ill health, including premature death, is being normalised for the pursuit of profit, control and power.

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