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Safe and Effective? Yeah-Right!

Updated: Apr 5

vaccine injection

As you listen to what my friend Rodney Hide says, please consider the two so-called conspiracy theorists, Vinny Eastwood and Billy Te Kahika. Both of them were sentenced to jail this afternoon. After listening to Rodney, I ask you two questions, "Who are the conspirators?" And, "Who do you think should be in jail?"

On 3 February 2021, Jacinda Ardern stated: “Medsafe’s decision is the culmination of a rigorous assessment process over many months to ensure the #Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is safe and effective to use here. It is informed by the most up-to-date medical and scientific data. We can have confidence in their decision.”

She told us all that the vaccine was safe and effective, and this was repeated by MPs, Principles of schools, business owners, CEOs, influencers and journalists. However, Medsafe's clinical assessment of the vaccine said no such thing. Rather, it found:

  • The duration of the vaccine protection has not been established beyond two months.

  • At this stage, there is limited evidence of protection against severe disease.

  • There is no long-term safety follow-up information.

  • Vaccine prevention of asymptomatic infection and disease transmission has not been established.

Tragically, we also know that the vaccine is causing serious injury and death. Everyone, and especially all those who pushed the Pfizer shot, should read Cranmer's Substack and watch this video of Rodney Hide on Reality Check Radio

Pfizer Vaccine Approval in NZ Under Scrutiny: A Retrospective Analysis

Check out this new radio station. I think it is great!

Finally, we all need to be familiar with the Nuremberg Code:

Please tell me: of the list of ten, how many does this vaccination programme violate?

And read this

Dr Paul Alexander wrote:

"..we report that after pre-exposure to mRNA-LNPs, the resistance of mice to heterologous infections with influenza virus increased while Candida albicans decreased…

We also detected a general neutropenia in the mRNA-LNP exposed mice. Interestingly, mice pre-exposed to mRNA-LNPs can pass down the acquired immune traits to their offspring

In summary, the mRNA-LNP vaccine platform induces long-term immunological changes that can affect both adaptive immune responses and heterologous protection against infections, some of which can be inherited by the offspring.’

The question is, who knew this and when did they know it? Were they just power-drunk tin man Gods not interested in safety and long-term implications, only interested in patents and money and Nobel prizes, not once concerned for the devastation to humanity. I think this more describes the thinking of these malfeasant untermensche beasts, these animals; and I do not mince words, as long as it takes, even if we wait for the proper administrations, we investigate and punish these beasts.


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