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An Interview with Sarah

Updated: Apr 5

In this compelling video, Gary Moller sits down with Sarah, a brave individual who experienced devastating heart damage mere hours after receiving the mRNA vaccine. Sarah shares her heart-wrenching story, shedding light on her personal journey and the challenges she faced. This powerful interview aims to raise awareness and provide a platform for those who've endured similar experiences. Viewer discretion is advised as Sarah's account is deeply emotional and impactful. Thank you for taking the time to view amd listen to this important conversation.

Watch the video now, because it is likley to be taken down because of the content.

Here's further reading and research, from a source that trounces the misinformation that spouts forth from the Podium of Truth. It leaves no doubt that Sarah's case is far from rare:

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29 sept 2023

I am very interested in following this courageous young woman's journey. Thank you Sarah for doing this interview. I hope you get better. God bless.

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
26 oct 2023
Contestando a

Thank you!

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