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Updated: Mar 21


There are two great Marvels of the Universe: the Universe itself, then DNA. DNA is life itself: this complex strand of nucleotides contains all of the instructions and more for all forms of life in the universe, as we know life to be. DNA is your GodScript: Fiddle with your DNA and you mess with the very essence of life.

I quote from Dr Keryn Johnson (Dr Johnson has a PhD in Biochemistry, Masters in Molecular Genetics and a BSc double major in Plant and Microbial Sciences and Biochemistry):

"Your DNA contains many interesting insertions. Have you heard about transposons? Have you heard about introns and exons? The mRNA vaccination and integration into DNA has been controversial, to say the least. But consider the idea of a latent, hidden virus like chicken pox that all of a sudden emerges again as shingles. Yes, stress can reactivate the dormant virus to enable its damaging effects to reoccur. Can we stop the latent form of COVID and the latent form of vaccination mRNA integration? Time will tell to see if this will raise its ugly head in those who have been unlucky enough to have the mRNA integrated into their DNA. Stay safe. My advice is to do your homework. Your life depends on it."

Extend Keryn's warning not just to your life but to the lives of your children and their offspring and theirs to come: This is because any changes to DNA are likely to be intergenerational.

DNA is your GodScript: Fiddle with your DNA and you mess with the very essence of life.

Right now, politicians, bureaucrats and scientists, encouraged by a tiny group of ultra-wealthy people, are injecting all of humanity with an experimental mRNA drug, and all for the sake of preventing a form of flu. Is that okay with you, and isn't it time you began to ask, "why?"

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1 Comment

Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Mar 04, 2022

Good points Gary!

Guy Hatchard's article you link is exceptional... bravo Guy... as one of NZ's most pre-eminent writers and commentators once again you pose some very intriguing questions.

We all should be pondering the current situation urgently as to how we can unravel the Covid 'vaccine' debacle, the rapidly developing situation in Ukraine, and why so many in the Western World could miss the seemingly obvious link between the two.

Both of these agendas are the work of the same Mr Global collective and a terrifying hallmark is that the vast majority of Westerners seem to be completely oblivious of the current existential dangers to the stage that they have no clue as to who the real enemy even…

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