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Are Sinister Forces Attempting to Manipulate Reality?


This article helps you answer:

  1. Are the protesters a disorganised and violent rabble, or are they peaceful and clear with their messaging?

  2. Are the police using excessive violence to hurt and intimidate protesters?

  3. Are the police using "Agent Provocateur" tactics to stir up violence and justify police actions, including violence?

  4. Is Mainstream Media (MSM) covering up police violence?

Please keep these four questions in mind as you read what is written and what you see in the videos and pictures: Then, to get the discussion going, give us your answers in the comments section below the article, and comment on what other people have to say.

Please forward this article to other people as quickly as you can, thank you!

Let's examine the evidence.



Two weeks ago, the Government and the police lost control of the narrative after images of police beating up women circulated around the world. We wondered how they would respond to regain control of the narrative. The authorities are attempting to regain control on the ground and to turn people against the protesters this week and it has not been pleasant, and, at times violent. As you read and view the photos and videos, I want you to question what you see on MSM and from the Sauce of all Truth: Go with your gut instinct, and common-sense: Cast aside the conditioning we have all been subjected to by torrent of lies, better known as propaganda. Keep asking, then answering as best you can questions such as:

  1. Who is causing this violence and who are on the receiving end: the police, the protesters, or maybe even a third party?

  2. Are they using excessive violence, while covering it up and lying, and doing so with the assistance of MSM?

To remind yourself of the day when the police, Trevor Mallard and Company lost the upper hand, here it is: