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Rodney Hide Knocks the Mandates for a Sixer!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

rodney hide

Rodney Hide, Member of ACT party from 1996-2011, arrived to show his support for the occupation at Parliament on Sunday 27 Feb. "I don't want to talk to the Prime Minister - there's nothing to talk about. Just end the mandates!"

Here is the full speech recorded by myself:!Ag9rtpNdkgCVm9V0U5phP29ISdk6Ng?e=AO4oda

You know, all that is being asked of by the people camped below Parliament is to be listened to: consulted. No matter how small or large the "minority" might be, there is no democracy if there is no representation: Instead, we have the creation of an underclass of New Zealand society, plus untold harm from the remedies, including death and permanent disabilities.


For a contrasting speech from Jacinda's tutor, about what "Human" is or should be, listen to this one from our good mate, Klaus:

For more, read this:

I wonder what this person thinks of Klaus and Jacinda's 4th Industrial Revolution?

Freeville, which evolved on the grounds of Parliament, reminds us of what it means to be human.

mother and child

Lest we forget.




Some background reading for you:

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